This Is JUST the Beginning…

In exactly 47 days I will be in Madrid, España (Madrid, Spain)!!! I’m super excited, but also nervous because this will be my first time traveling abroad without my parents, and this time I’m staying a month! That may not sound like a whole lot of time, but when you think about the fact that:


  1. I’m living with a family I don’t know (I’m sure they’ll be great, but I still

don’t know them).

  1. If I get there and I’m ready to come home, I can’t just leave.
  2. I should be embarrassed to say this at 20, but I’m not, I’m just gonna

miss my mommy 😦

  1. Also, I don’t know many people going on this trip, and you can’t just call

anybody a friend when you are traveling through Europe, gotta watch out

for the “sketchies”.


However, despite these MINOR worries, because that’s what they are, I’m going. I’m going because I know that there is something for me in Spain that I just simply cannot get here in the states. At first, I had a little anxiety because the thought of being half way around the world with strangers is totally against my grain. But, like my mom always says, the same God in the US, is the same God in Spain.


As a Spanish major I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter because I have to immerse, and what better way to finish up the last semester of your college career? Uh yes, I will sign up to get 6 credits and turn up at the same d*** time! (no Future) If you are thinking about studying abroad, traveling abroad, or simply want to follow a real life adventure, then stay tuned…


I am going to blog about my experiences from start to finish. I hope you are inspired by my journey, but also learn from my mistakes, as this blog will be raw and not at all dressed up. I’m gonna give you el bueno, el malo, y el feo (the good, the bad, the ugly,) and also the awesome of my travels abroad! So although the title of this blog is Black Gal Abroad (because that’s what I am), I encourage people of all races and all genders to read, comment, ask questions, and learn with me as I step into this new phase of my life.


Buen Viaje,