If it Zips it Fits…

Now usually I wouldn’t agree with the title of this post AT ALL, but I’m not talking about clothes and body types this time. I’m talking about suitcases when packing for Spain (or wherever your wanderlust takes you).


I am going to try to give you tips and advice, but the BEST tip I can give from experience is, PACK THE BEST WAY FOR YOU! There are a lot of “study abroad” blogs out there that tell you what/what not to pack, that didn’t work for me.





Oh and buy some good luggage, you can’t pack cute clothes in a rinky dink bag, and airlines are EXTREMELY hard on luggage, so buy quality or you will get your luggage in a big clear trash bag because your suitcase broke!


Studying abroad can already be a little expensive, so the best way to do it is to save your coins and don’t half step. Why would you pay $5000 to go somewhere, and then get there and live downtrodden? NOT for me, no I’m not gonna wash the same 7 shirts and 4 pairs of pants for one month. So I had to try a different way. Here is what I did:


  1. I packed enough clothes to last the month because you can never be to sure about washing and drying. Some countries say they have washer AND dryer, when the dryer is just a clothes line outside (no shade but that can lead to crunchy clothes, especially if they don’t have any stretch in them).

  1. I packed a carry on and brought a book bag (this is very helpful if you have classes abroad and is also good storage space for extras). Keep things in your book bag that you want close to you, I packed my laptop, my medicines, earphones, a notebook, and my prayer journal. In my carry on I packed 3 days worth of outfits (in case of delayed luggage because we won’t even think about the possibility of a lost bag *ANXIETY*), my jewelry, toiletries, and one pair of pjs, my PASSPORT and photos of my PASSPORT (notice PASSPORT is in all caps because it is the MOST important thing while studying abroad.
  1. I packed VERY comfortable shoes, people in Europe walk everywhere and you definitely don’t want to be #TeamLeftBehind because your feet hurt, mmm mmm mmm, not after you invested all that money for a cultural experience! Oh, and don’t pack good shoes and cheap socks, your feet will be just as TORE UP as if you had just worn bad shoes all together TRUST ME, I know from experience, (I recommend Nike Dri-Fit) or some other socks with stretch and will keep your feet dry.


I also used space saver bags, THEY WORK SO WELL, and I like that I could organize my clothes by categories in them i.e.: Casual, club, undies, etc.. Also packing heavy items like wedges and jewelry in your carry on will prevent you from having to pay extra for a heavy bag.

Like I said, pack the best way for YOU, pack your cutest outfits because you never know where you might get invited or stumble upon! What works for me may not work for you, but I hope this helps.

Buen Viaje,