Is There Really a Such Thing as Smooth Sailing?


So you know how people say things couldn’t get any worse, well that was definitely the case for me because things started of THE WORST! I mean like get to the airport and your flight is CANCELLED (NOT delayed, but CANCELLED) and they act like they can’t get you to your international connection WORST! But what the Devil meant for bad, God turned around for good like he always does.


I won’t even bore y’all with all the details because it actually makes me upset just talking about it, but just know that American Airlines ain’t worth one sent, neither is US Airways, and you should NEVER take no for an answer, ESPECIALLY when you know you are right! I’m just going to post these pictures so y’all can see how long the line was to rebook my flight.


That is my mommy at the end of the line.

However, the point of this post is not to focus on the negatives but the positives, so I’m going to do just that. I didn’t think that anything about this experience was going to be easy, but I also didn’t think they were going to go out of their way to make it hard either.


My trip hadn’t even begun before things got difficult, but I didn’t give up. When it seemed like all odds were against me and that I may never get to Spain, that made me fight harder. It made me realize that there was something over here for me because if not, there wouldn’t be something fighting against me so hard not to make it over here (the Devil).


After missing my connecting flight to Spain due to my cancelled flight, I was glad that I didn’t give up because my new flight ended up being 3 hours shorter, it was during hours that prevented me from having jet lag, and I had TVs on my flight with free games, movies, etc.. and come to find out the flight the rest of the students were on didn’t have any of that. It was truly a blessing.

They served me a nice hot meal, minutes after I was seated.

I got to check my VERY overweight bag for the $free.99 and the flight I was on was not packed so I had any choice of seat that I wanted (of course I picked a window). (and got all these cool pics)…



I will not sit here and lie to you and say traveling abroad is easy, because it’s not (well at least not for me it isn’t). I have cried more than once and I don’t feel I really relate to anyone else in this program, and I am so homesick it is unreal (I miss my mommy), but it is also only day one and I am excited about the things ahead of me. My host family is amazing, the mom is an excellent cook, and they are so nice.


If this blog feels all over the place, it’s because I feel all over the place. I promised that it was going to be real, raw, and to give it to you straight, so I am doing just that. We are going to Toledo tomorrow, the old capital of Spain before Madrid. I will post pictures soon!


Buen Viaje,