Primero Día en España!


When I arrived in Spain, neither my teacher or my host family wasted any time throwing me into the culture of Madrid. When I arrived I met my host family, Sonia and her daughter Erika, I rested for a couple of hours and we hit the ground running for a walking tour of Spain. Because of my last trip to Spain, I knew that they walked a lot, but I CANNOT make this up, we walked about 8 miles in not even a full day. 

We saw all of the tourists sights like Puerta de Alcala, Banco de España, and a lot of other tourists destinations. I’m not really a huge touristy person so all I was really thinking about was that I had to keep walking and walking and walking lol AND it started raining so I was really over it then. However, I did get to see some cool stuff and my hair ended up shaking back, so it was a good day.






You know it is truly awful when you have to come all the way to Spain to see a black Jesus, but I thought it was so cool that he was actually in the architecture of the church. Moors (black people of Arabic descent) were very prevalent in Spain before the Reconquista, so I guess he been holding that window down lol!

It might be hard to see, but he is black lol


My first meal here was tortillas de patatas (Potato omelette), it is one of the dishes that Spain is known for. It is basically an omelette with potatoes and onions but there are more potatoes and onions than eggs, the eggs act as a binder in Spain versus the majority of the dish in the US. We had salad and bread with it (we eat bread with EVERYTHING) but it is very good and fresh.

It is very rare to see a fat person over here because they eat 6 small meals a day versus 3 big ones like us, they walk everywhere and their food is SO fresh. They have to go to the grocery store every week because their food doesn’t have all the preservatives and chemicals that our food has.


I’m scared I might get sick when I go back home because my body is going to be so used to REAL food! This came at a good time though because even though I don’t eat fast food, I want to still eat more naturally and this was a good jump start.


Although they eat very healthy, almost everyone in Spain smokes, and when I say smoke I mean SMOKE! My host family smokes all the time, but the windows are always open (because their is no central air) so that helps. It is actually always comfortable in the house because the breeze from the mountains cools it down.


Since I haven’t been here that long that’s really all I have to tell you guys. I’m sure there are many more adventures ahead of me. I’m still super homesick and I’ve probably cried every day (not in public, y’all know I’m a thug lol)!


Buen Viaje,