Stay Out Ya Feelings…

After being here for five days, I think the initial shock is finally starting to wear off and I am finally starting to get out of my feelings lol! I will admit I had a little pity party in the beginning because it was just too much..

Having 2 roommates when you are supposed to have a single room, AND you have NEVER EVER shared a room, being around the world from your friends and family, and getting lost on the metro all the time will have you feeling strung out! But by the grace of sweet black baby Jesus, I got through it!
Now, I have started adapting and figured out little tips and tricks to help me navigate through these streets and most importantly this life. I hope some of these help you on your travels as well, whether in the states or abroad!
1. Take you some hand sanitizer with you everywhere!!! Especially if you have to use the metro, once you hold all those rails and people rub all up against you, and that SMELL (of hot body odor and garlic) get all in your nose you are gonna want to get clean!
2. DO NOT tarry, you have to keep up with the flow of traffic in the streets and in the metro, or you will literally be run over. In the words of my best friend Alesia, “Walking slow will get you nowhere, matter of fact it will get your a** left behind” lol!
3. While you are walking fast, make sure to secure all of your personal belongings, you need a word for you and your friends if you see something sketchy, something no one else will catch on to (mine and my family’s is TESTIFY) when we say that you need to hold your purse close because there are some unsavories around.
4. When you are walking on the street, put your purse on the side AWAY from the cars, God forbid you are walking, enjoying life, minding your own beeswax when a car speeds up and snatches your purse off your arm… In the words of Tupac “What ya gonna do when my negros come for you?”
Just rest Mr. Shakur..


5. KEEP AN OPEN MIND. You would not believe how different things can be in different countries and places, you may see things that you don’t necessarily agree with and you may see things that you simply fall in love with, what is most important is to keep an open mind about it all. In Spain, I swear that half the babies I see were made either in the metro or in the park, people here LOVE PDA, and have ZERO shame in their game. Hey it’s not for me, but as long as nobody rubs up against me wrong I’m chilllin.
I hope this helps and is giving you guys a good idea of what I’m doing over here. I will try to post more pictures ASAP. Also, I am putting the link to Urban Dictionary in this post for my older readers, I hear some aren’t understanding my slang lol! *Besos (kisses)*
Buen Viaje,