Toledo: Peace, Sunshine, and Bruised Big Toes

Today we went to Toledo, which was the capital of Spain before it was moved to Madrid. It was a good trip, but again SOOOO much walking. Toledo is about an hour bus ride from Madrid and I liked it a lot because it offered some relief from the crowded and fast moving streets of Spain.

I saw many cathedrals and synagogues, but I think the pictures will do much more justice than me telling you about everything! I hope you enjoy!


A painting of the seven deadly sins in the church



A sculpture in a church of the Last Supper
This is how the Moors designed their roofs.

Toledo is famous for Convivencia, that was a time where Jews, Moors, and Catholics all lived together PEACEFULLY (peacefully is the operative word) during a time where that was almost unheard of. You could literally feel the rich history there and I enjoyed the Spanish style homes and terra-cotta roofs. It seems like everything in the city was crafted with a purpose, you don’t just see columns or walls. There is always a story crafted in the architecture, lions, initials of rulers, shackles (reminding people to never enslave again). I mean the list is endless, you can tell the people of Toledo were passionate about their society and culture.



I tried a new food while in Toledo called Mazapan, it is a dessert made from baked almond paste and I absolutely never have to have it again lol! It was SOOOO sweet and it kind of dissolved in my mouth before I could even chew it (yuck). I can at least say I tried it and didn’t like it, and I had a real taste of Toledo.



Now about this sunshine and these big toes. Y’all I have learned about myself in 3 days that I could care less about any kind of tourists stuff unless you can sit on the bus and look or unless it’s something very interesting. The streets in Toledo are so small so of course we were what? WALKING!! ¥ep you guessed it. By the time we left and got back on the bus I had to reevaluate my entire life.


My big toes felt like they had been walked on by elephants and my hair was everywhere (you know it’s real when your host mom asks what happened today lol). I enjoyed the sun, but then it went into sunshine 2.0, and I thought I was gonna die, you know it’s too hot when you feel like you can’t breathe.


Toledo gave me so much hope for the future, if Jews, Moors, and Catholics can live together in a time where people were literally being killed over there religious beliefs, then why can’t we? Peace is truly a choice and that is what they chose, leaving behind a legacy of not only tolerance, but acceptance and respect of different beliefs.


Buen Viaje,