Spain & Mi Cuerpo (My Body)!

Hey y’all! (Ugh it feels so good to type that, I am southern to my core)! Here all I say is “Hola, ¿Como estás?” But I digress. Sorry it’s been a minute, I have been TIED no “R” (that’s TIRED for those of y’all who missed it haha)! All this walking and this HEAT is killing me. I feel myself adapting but it is def taking a while. Whether we want to accept it or not, we live a very sedentary lifestyle in the US.


Although I hate my feet and legs hurting all the time, and the back of my ankles being RAW, I love the results I am seeing. I definitely won’t be walking this much when I go home, but I have promised myself to move around A LOT more, you would be surprised that you can maintain your weight just by walking to the store instead of driving, or little changes like that.

Calories burned>Calories consumed= wait lost
Calories consumed>Calories burned= wait gain


The food here is SO much better for you than back in the states so it makes the walking and heat much easier to endure. I haven’t felt “American Full” since I’ve been here and I’m glad because I would not make it anywhere. The type of full here (the Spanish word is Llena [pronounced yay-nah]) is more of like not hungry anymore, and not feeling like a stuffed pig.



They are so serious here about the health of there citizens because they have to pay for it! YES they have free healthcare, so all the people that are tripping about ObamaCare are SO behind. Anyway, again I digress, if Spain says no to it, I’m saying no as well because they have banned some preservatives and additives here that the US still allows us to consume. Still proud to be an American?


So enough about the inside, let’s talk about the outside. Since I’ve been eating so well and drinking so much water I feel like my skin feels and looks AWESOME *hits a jig*! I also only use coconut oil, DON’T even think about putting on lotion, by the time you take 3 steps outside you will have white sweat running all down your body. Stick to some kinda oil, I LOVE coconut it is one of the closest oils to the natural sebum your skin makes, and it smells wonderful.


TMI: I am also very regular! But that’s a sign of good health!

Well talk to you soon!

Buen Viaje,