Black Girls REALLY Do Rock!

We see and hear this on BET, hashtags on social media, and a lot of other places where black people are CELEBRATED and not just TOLERATED. I’m sure most of my readers know that there is a huge difference between those two words in all caps.


Since I have been in Spain my mind has been opened to a life without the daily tension of racism that we feel in the United States, but by no means am I saying that racism doesn’t exist over here, or in other parts of the world. I’m just saying I personally am not dealing with it as much. However, there is a trade off. People in Spain have the assumption that I am mulatta: black and white or black and something else (the term is used very loosely now) because..


I look like this. 
And not this..


Y’all know I quickly told them that this was not the case and the only thing that I was mixed with is Black, African American, and Negro.. Also, I still don’t mess with some of these Spaniards like that, because although they do not discriminate against me because they THINK I am “mulatta”, some of them do not like the Africans that migrate here that look like the picture on the right. I had to check my host mom on the first day and tell her although I am from America my people, the Africans who migrate here, and all other black people, are ALL from the same place and we are ALL black.


I am in the search for the equality for ALL of my people not just me, and ALL people in general. Why hate when we can love? Especially if you’re going to hate over something like people having more melanocytes than you..


Here I get so many “guapas, bonitas, bellas” (fine, pretty, beautiful) from men and from women, and while it feels good to actually be celebrated because of my dark skin, I still have a problem because girls like me who are just a few shades darker are not. They always say, your skin looks like coffee with cream (which makes me think they have never seen a yellow or red bone; AIN’T hardly no black people over here to begin with chile..) but would it be the same if my skin just looked like coffee?


I know most people would just accept the compliments, and I do. But these questions still ring in the back of my mind because black is black to me and it is all beautiful and if you don’t like my sister that looks like coffee WITHOUT cream then I don’t like you!


Also, it gets kind of old being a black American over here because they are lowkey obsessed. Men just like you because you are black (and I feel like that’s some type of freaky fetish type of stuff) and the women can never just say you are pretty they have to talk about the fact that you are black too. And i’m not using the word obsessed lightly…. Por ejemplo (For example):


When I first arrived my host mom felt like she needed to point out every black person on the street to me and show me every time there was a black person on TV. One day she called me in the room because Fresh Prince was on and I LOST IT. I told her “Look, I live with black people and used to see them every day before I came here, please stop showing me black people, it is not new to me.”



At the end of the day I feel like black girls rock in the States, abroad, and on the moon, wherever you put us we will prosper. We got out slavery, Rosa held down the bus, and I’m holding down Spain for us. When things get rough and you feel like giving up, think about the black women who made a way for us and think about the little black girls that we have to make a way for…


Buen Viaje,