!Dahli, Picasso, Miro, OH MY…

Today we went to the Reina Sofia, or the museum of modern art. I visited here the last time I went to Spain, so I followed that rebellious voice inside my head and did some exploring of my own, while the rest of the group listened to a tour guide talk about the same four “famous” pieces I learned about during my last visit.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m awful lol! But really, I paid too much money to be bored, and I was safe inside of the museum, so I did my own thing. Here are some photos of some of the cool stuff that I saw. 

Third Eye
I think I’m gonna do something weird like wrap barbed wire around a mannequin
and call it art so I can get rich…


I do love abstract art, I think this is by Miro, he and Picasso
had similar style. 


I thought this was an interesting piece.. 

Now I’m not gone even get on here and front like I’m all artsy and deep because I’m not. If you wanna see my artistic ability let me bleach and cut some shorts or drop me off at Hobby Lobby for a cheap little DIY project.. However I can appreciate the work of others. I think that we all have different interests because my daddy loved this museum when we went, however, this was my second time and just like last time after about an hour it all started to look the same to me.

However on artist in particular grabbed my attention both visits, and I actually visited a museum just dedicated to his work in Barcelona. Salvador Dahli, AKA, the realist man to ever do it (in my opinion). Picasso is okay, but I think he gets a lot of credit because he went crazy and took himself out the game, and it is documented in his work. Creepy to me, art to others.
Anyway, I digress. I like Dahli because he used to throw shade in his work, their are a lot of hidden messages and meanings and I just love the way he paints. Also, at his museum in Barcelona the majority of it (made by him) is out of recyclable materials; environmentally friendly and it shows he was way before his time, like what you know about recycling in the 1900s? We can barely do right in 2015.
By Dahli


Do y’all see the face or faces?


See that little picture of Hitler in the plate #ShadeOrNah?


See all the hidden things?


Although I am not an art consumer, I did enjoy the time I spent at the museum, especially in the Dahli exhibits.

FUN FACT: I wasn’t supposed to take this picture, that’s why you see that hand through it! I didn’t know we couldn’t take pictures in that part so I almost felt bad and deleted it, but the lady was really rude so didn’t. (Ha! She couldn’t pop me and I still got over half the pic) So I guess y’all got an E Exclusive on this work lol!
Buen Viaje,