Roughin’ It!

When I tell y’all that the Lord has a sense of humor, he really does. In all of my 20 years on Earth, I can truly say I have never had to “rough it”, well up until now. Now don’t think I’m over here really living bad and I can’t drink the water or anything like that, I’m still very blessed and as comfortable as you can be in someone else’s house (who doesn’t speak English AT ALL), having two roommates, and living in a room the size of a large walk-in closet.

This is literally how I feel sometimes lol!

When I say roughin it, this is what I mean: The only places in Spain that have air are basically supermarkets from what I have observed to keep the produce cool, and even that isn’t cold! When you walk through the produce section in the states you want to put a whole coat on. Oh not it Spain, it’s more like a little cooler that room temperature. 

So you already know when I’m at my host family’s house I am BURNING UP.. I’m like these men on the Geico commercial…

“It’s a sauna up in here!” Because it for real is, like I finally broke down and told my host mom we needed a fan in our room because this window open is just not cutting it. I never realized that sometimes you can not appreciate things simply because you are used to them, air was one of those things for me.. But never again! Every time I feel air now I will remember when I didn’t have it. 
Tips on how to beat the heat:
YOU CAN’T!! It’s just HOT!! 
Also, I don’t live in a “bad” neighborhood, but I certainly don’t live in the best, my roommates and I live the furthest from our school, have to walk the longest to get to the metro, and we live in a neighborhood where they are all about living lawless lol! We here music, screaming babies, loud talking, some kind of banging (which I have yet to figure out) and we can’t shower between the hours of midnight and 7am (what kind of s*** is that)? 
You can tell when you get in our neighborhood too lol, there is a distinct difference, right when you get on our street you see graffiti, trash, and people are out  at ALL times of the night. We can leave one street in the centro and it be a ghost town, get to Puerta de Angel and people are out just thuggin lol!
This experience has really made me appreciate the process and progress, sometimes you can’t complain and it can’t be fixed, it just simply is what it is. The sooner you accept what you have to do and just start doing it, the sooner things will fall into place and the quicker the time will pass. 
Don’t worry though, I never feel unsafe, and I don’t walk alone at night! I just think it is so ironic that I come all the way to a foreign country to get some points on my “G-card” lol!
Hope all is well in the states!
Buen Viaje,