Segovia, Spain

Segovia has been my favorite excursion BY FAR on this trip. We saw a lot of cool things, there was MINIMAL WALKING (y’all know how I feel about that), there were great little shops, I saw real life gypsy, and I had a wonderful dining experience.

It was a very chill day in Segovia so I don’t have to much to say, but I am going to post pictures and a few videos so you all can experience what I experienced from home!
This was the first thing I saw upon entering Segovia… The Aqueduct

I’ll give y’all some background on the aqueduct, because I had never heard of them until I went to Segovia. I’ll also tell you the legend of this particular aqueduct as well:

Aqueduct [ak-wi-duhkt]: noun
Civil Engineering
  1. a conduit or artificial channel for conducting water from a distance,usually by means of gravity.
  2. a bridgelike structure that carries a water conduit or canal across avalley or over a river.
Another view of the Aqueduct, looks like the
windows to Heaven.

The Legend: So I’m just going to tell y’all what the lady told us, so don’t be side eyeing and questioning me lol! Okay so there was this girl and her job was to bring fresh water into the city. This was very hard work because she had to carry two buckets, fill them up and carry them back (remember this was pre-car, horse and buggy and all that, so home girl was walking). Anyway, she got tired of doing this and said “I will sell my soul to the Devil if I don’t have to carry these buckets anymore (a bit extreme huh? I thought so too.. Like why you just couldn’t pray about it?”) so of course the Devil appeared and told her “alright I got you, by tomorrow you won’t have to carry those buckets anymore. So that night the Devil and his homies got to work on building the aqueduct, and those tiny holes you see are from the Devil’s fingernails. The next morning when the girl was coming to work, she saw what the Devil and his demons had done, but of course she didn’t want to hold up her end of the bargain (I mean would you?) and so she prayed to God (fine time to think about the Lord) and asked for his help, and God saved her soul from the Devil. I don’t know what these people’s obsession is with spirits and good luck charms and all that, but I’m def NOT feeling it, but that’s how the story goes.

This Cathedral is famous because it has different types of architecture
from different time periods because one of the King’s was broke
and wanted a new Cathedral but couldn’t afford it so they had
to mix some old with the new lol!
This roof probably costs more than A LOT of people’s houses.
My fav professor @ Tech. Dr. Nelson, I probably
would not have made it this far without him (:




I’m still learning how to post videos, I know these are awful. I think it is because they were snapchat vids first. Either way, bare with me. I’m gonna do better lol!

Hope this gives you a little does of Segovia!
Buen Viaje,