Time is a Mindset

Since I have been in Spain, I have not necessarily been on a schedule. The only thing that I have to do every day (well every weekday) is go to class, sometimes we have excursions on Saturdays, and Sundays are always free (gracias por a dios= thank God). Because of this schedule, I have learned a lot about time. When I first got here it seemed like the days were going by so fast, but the nights were going by so slow, and by week 2, EVERYTHING was moving slow, and I was so depressed about it. It felt like I would never get home. Math didn’t even seem the same any more, in my mind I’m thinking “has the 1st always been 24 days away from the 25th, because at this point it feels like 40.”

One day I was sitting at the metro (where I do most of my thinking here) and the next train came in 10 min, and I only had 30 min left to get to class, so I started thinking, how can this 10 min for the metro to come move so slow, but this 30 min for me to get to class move so fast. Then I had an epiphany… 

Time is something that humans created, well our concept of time anyway. 10 minutes is just 10 minutes, 1 month is just 1 month. It is when we think about it and put labels on it that it seems slow or fast, long or short. 
1 day on earth is not the same as one day on Jupiter. 24 hours= 1 day on earth, and 9.9 hours= 1 day on Jupiter (fun fact for the day). Just think about that. We put so much emphasis on time and so often we have these unrealistic time tables for our lives, (or for me, wishing one day in Spain was the equivalent to one day in Jupiter so I could the H up outta here), that are just that UNREALISTIC.
The point I’m trying to make, and the realization that gave me comfort and peace that in time I would be back in the States, is that nature knows no time. It just simply does what it needs to do. The Earth doesn’t know that it takes 24 hours to make a full rotation, it just does it. Jupiter doesn’t know it takes 9.9 hours to make a full rotation, it just does it. Flowers don’t know how long they take to bloom, they just simply bloom. 
If humans would adopt this mindset, and stop putting a time on everything and just letting things take their course like the rest of nature, life would be so much easier for us all. YES, I am still counting down till June 25, and NO it CANNOT get her fast enough. However, I have accepted that the 25th isn’t going to get here until it’s time comes and there is nothing that I can do about that. I can’t make the hours go faster so it can hurry up and be 24 and the day can be over (lol, trust me, I used to try). And the time is going to pass at the same rate, whether I’m sleep all day (I tried that too) or I’m out doing things all day. So just like nature & Nike, I’m just gonna thug up, and just do it!
Nature moves at its own pace, it doesn’t speed up or slow down for anyone, and the quicker we realize and accept that we are nature and the same exact rules apply. The quicker we can start enjoying moments for what they are and enjoying the present moment and not wanting to be in another moment or phase of life without enjoying the ones already given to us. 
So if you are currently studying abroad, preparing to, or thinking about it, please get this a lot faster than I did. It will make your time much more enjoyable!
P.S. I almost died writing this post because I needed to charge my laptop (only really can do that in the living room) and my host mom is smoking cigs, painting her nails, and left the top off the nail polish remover!! Lawd just bless my respiratory system.
“Help her, Jesus”
Buen Viaje,