Party Animal: You Betta Wrap That Hair!

Don King Hair!

I know y’all all remember this from the movie Beauty Shop! It was definitely funny in the movie, but it will be everything BUT hilarious if it happens to you. You wanna know how I know? Because I committed THE top carnal black girl sin, and I didn’t wrap my hair one night after I went out.

When I tell y’all I was OVER IT! Number one my hair looked AWFUL when I woke up and number two, I can’t use my flat iron over here because they have different outlets and voltage than us, so I had to shake my hair back the good ole fashioned way: wrap it and pray for the best.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good wrap though, I woke up just in time to get ready for class, so my hair was only wrapped while I was in the shower, but baybay when I tell you it did some wonders. It took my hair from a TWO to a TEN!

I had to start this off with a little humor and tell y’all about my experience, but caring for your hair abroad is REAL, especially if you are natural. I suggest doing some sort of protective style, like braids, twists, or a sew in, because you are not going to be able to carry all those products, i.e. eggs, mayonnaise, avocados, co-wash, curl custard, and let’s just face it, I could go on and on, and especially for y’all product junkies! 

I personally have a sew-in (a bob) and it has worked for me while being here, however, I do wish I had gotten long hair because some days a real G just wants to wear and ponytail and that is impossible with a bob! Curly hair would also probably be best if you are traveling to a country with different outlets and voltage, it is low maintenance and all you need is a LITTLE BIT of product and a good brush.

I guess bob is life or whateva..

That is all, just wanted to share that because you know how us black women are about our hair, it is not a game, and we all know that a bad hair day is just really a bad day all together!

Buen Viaje,