So Green, But in a Good Way

I love love love love love love that Spain is such a green country. They go out of their way to treat Mother Earth like the queen she is. Often times I think that people (especially in America) think that the Earth is only supposed to protect us, but that is wrong we are also supposed to protect it. Every action has an equal an opposite reaction, so how we treat the earth is how she is going to treat us. Everybody is all of a sudden so concerned about the crazy weather, the ozone layer, and the lack of fresh water, but we don’t do much to sustain the little resources we do have. 

I’m not at all trying to be preach-y, because I myself need to do better, but coming to Spain gave me the jumpstart that I think I needed. EVERYWHERE in Spain gives you an opportunity to recycle, the metro, fast food restaurants (you know it’s real when McDonald’s cares about the environment), the streets, just everywhere. Even some of their magazines here are made from recycled paper (not that shiny stuff, I mean what do we really get out of it being shiny anyway? It still contains the same information).

I definitely think that we should adopt this way of thinking in the states and we will watch a better, cleaner, more productive world unfold right before our eyes. If we can learn to recycle, reuse, and not be so wasteful, we can teach the younger generations and it will be second nature for them. There recycle bins here are just as big as trash cans and guess what? People fill them up. 

I think the saying goes more or less like this: Let’s change for the better today to see a better tomorrow!

Buen Viaje,