And it’s a good thing too… Because “muy pronto” (“very soon” in Spanish) I’ll be moving there. That’s right January 3, 2015, I will be moving to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. “Why?” you ask, because I got my BA in Spanish and I want to be an interpreter and translator, and in order to become an interpreter and translator, I need to:

1. Go to grad school
2. In order to get into grad school, immerse in a Spanish Speaking coutntry
So here I am, doing what I gotta do to be great, not that living on the beach for 3 months is that much of a sacrifice lol. It’s amazing what kind of opportunities you receive when Purpose meets Destiny, and this opportunity is most definitely one of those times!
Above is a picture of the beautiful island that I will be taking over for about 3 months. As you can see it leaves little to be desired! Now that you know where I am going, let’s talk about what I will be doing in the DR (short for Domincan Republic, get used to it now)! 
Dove Missions Youth Center

I will be volunteering at Dove Missions, while immersing in the Dominican cultura (culture). This experience is so God ordained (I’m gonna write a post just about the story), but I will be serving as the Field Director for this mission. I will assist in gaining sponorship for the center, the normal day to day activities, teaching English, and being a mentor for the kids.

Just in case you thought BlackGalAbroad was lost never to be found again, cheer up Charlie! I just had to take a lil sabattical to regroup, but I’m back in action, and ready to take on a new country! Stay tuned, so much more is on the way!

Buen Viaje,