What is the Dollar Store?

In the DR we have these little stores here called Colmados (translates in English as grocery store), but it’s BETTER than the grocery and they just put the Dollar Store to shame. Seriously they are so convenient and there are like 2 on every corner, literally everybody has at least one colmado, walking distance from there house. I am lucky enough to have 2. 

So what is so great about the colmado? Well I am so glad you asked. You can get just about anything you want at the colmado (food wise) and it’s super fresh, super cheap ( I have never paid over $5 in the colmado and that’s buying bread, matches, veggies, noodles, and seasonings in one trip) , and let’s not forget the best part SUPER CONVENIENT. Fresh meat (they usually kill the chickens that day), fresh fruits & veggies (from the farm) Fresh bread (from the bakery) It’s like a one stop shop for everything, AND it’s good quality, and when I say everything I mean everything! 
This is what the outside of an average colmado looks like.
Inside of a colmado.
So I’ll just list a few things that I was shocked to know they sold, and then you can fill in the rest to see that they really do sell EVERYTHING at the colmado.
Let’s begin shall we…
1. Single Cigarettes 
(they literally open up a pack and sell you however many you want
I’ve seen it with my own ojos (eyes))
2. Sanitary Napkins
3. Condoms
4. Candles
5. Coils for Mosquitos
(Seriously, I don’t know why we don’t have these in the US,
 you burn them like incense and the mosquitos HATE them!
They work like magic.)
6. Bags full of rice, beans and noodles
(they do them just like the cigarettes)
7. Single Pampers
(see cigarettes lol)
& I’m not talking about that walmart liqour selection hunny,
I’m talking the liqour store: Rum, Beer, Wine
then they have the nerve to have it organized from top to bottom
shelf! Hello!
I think that no one should die without shopping at a colmado, the customer service is great (I mean you just tell the people what you want and they get it for you, you don’t even move), and they have everything there that you need.
If I ever come back home (hehehe) my face is gonna be toe up (no R), if I have to drive and buy katchup, or sour cream, or anything that involves me getting in my car, because I am so used to just walking next door real quick and getting what I need.
Ooh, but it gets better. So maybe today you aren’t feeling like getting out of the house, well guys the colmado delivers… DELIVERS. All you have to do is call them and tell them what you need and they just bring it right over for 20 pesos (which is about 50 cent in American money)…. Exactly, now you see why I might not comeback!
& If that’s not enough they have trucks that come around selling fruits, veggies, and live chickens as well (they’ll kill it, pluck it, and cut it for you if you’re not about that life, which I am not.) So needless to say it is near impossible to go hungry around here. Not to mention it’s healthy, fresh food and you don’t have to worry about what the government has pumped in it to make it grow faster or look cuter.
All these years I been thinking Wal-Mart had roll back prices, and the Dollar Store/Tree (especially Dollar Tree) was the move for good, cheap stuff, and I been getting played, especially on the cheap. We all have lol!
Lección del Día (Lesson of the Day): Get to DR and experience a colmado!
Buen Viaje,