Roses really smell like..

Now let’s talk about this poop thing even further because in my opinion it is “taboo” for no reason. According to the “Healthy Poop” article at, EVERYONE should poop everyday and the average is 1-3 times a day, some people even poop after every meal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can already hear y’all “well I only poop once a week and I’m fine.” No you’re not. After all, poop is just waste and waste releases toxins. Now do you wanna only release toxins once a week or multiple times a day? I’m gonna go with at least once a day or multiple times a day for $500 Alice. Because if not, guess what you’re doing? Walking around for days at a time with yesterday’s roast beef sandwich in ya. 

It took me about a month to get used to the food here, because like you read in my previous post, most of it is natural. One thing about natural food, it runs right through you. At first I thought the food here was bad, but after a little research I found out that everything was normal and that I was actually healthier here than I was back home. 

It’s sad that my body had to get accustomed to funcioning the way it is supposed to because for years I was eating food with additives (which in part is my fault). I don’t always eat the way I’m supposed to, but I grew up in a house that was able to afford organic and whole foods, so I feel like I started out semi-okay,  but what about those who cannot afford those luxuries? Should they suffer?

Why are foods with harmful chemicals even on the market? & the sad part about it is, the chemicals are causing your body not to process things naturally, therefore your body is storing natural toxins AND the toxins added by The Man. 

I say ALL that to say this. Learn from my experience, when traveling abroad, be sure to clean out your system about a week before your departure date. I would say lots of salads, fruits, veggies, water, and NATURAL juices (I LOVE my juicer). That way when you get to your destination you are starting off with a clean slate and your body won’t be so shocked by whatever foods are the local cuisine. 

I know this may not have been the most enjoyable thing to read about, but in order to have fun abroad, you first have to be healthy abroad. Can’t turn up if your body is turned down.

Buen viaje,