When Will the Government Realize We Cannot Eat Money?


Typical Domican Meal: Lambi(A type of seafood native to this region),
Platanos Fritos(Fried Plantains),
& Ensalada(Salad) 

So since I have been living in the DR (this is the start of month 3) I have learned a lot more about nature, therefore, I have learned to appreciate it more. Something magical happens when food comes right from the farm and goes straight to the table. You feel more confident in what you are eating, the food is prettier, it taste better, and your stomach can for sure tell the difference (say it with me REGULAR, but we’ll talk moe about that in the next post).

But today we’re not going to talk about the eating phase of food, we are going to talk about the growing phase, because in reality, food isn’t considered food until it’s meant to be eaten. Before that it’s merely a type of plant.

If you have been following the blog then you know that I HATE PROCESSED FOOD, like I am not here for it at all! I’m not here for how to expensive it is in America (my native country), the cancer it causes, and how it slowly breaks down your body over time. But the positive to all this is, I now live in a coutry where I know it is possible to feed an entire country without GMOs, pestecides, or whatever other letters they can put together to kill us.



AND…. You wanna know how I know? Well, because I eat here everyday, I grocery shop, and I also go to restaurants, and I would say out of all the things I have ingested, only about 10-15% (this is not a scientific number) have had additives (and it’s only that high because I love soda, I love the burn in the back of my throat, but I digress).

There is a lot of open land here to grow food, there are many farms close by that make fresh produce, milk, and meat possible, and in my opnion the government is a lot less involved when it comes to food processing here (although I could be totally wrong about that, I hate politics). Because food is processed more naturally here, it gives you an opportunity to learn about how and when it grows. For example, my favorite fruit here is called Chinola, and unfortunately the season is over and I can’t find them anywhere. What I love about that though, is at least I’m not eating Chinolas that have been genetically altered to grow in any season or in any climate. 
It is seriously refreshing to buy produce with dirt on it or watch someone kill a chicken in front of your eyes (not to be violent) because you know it is FRESH! The produce came straight from the farm and the chicken died that day. I will take dirty, natural produce ANY DAY over polished, genetically modified produce. & we ALL know fresh will always beat frozen, that’s like a Jesus vs Satan type fight, we already know the outcome.


All of what I just told you came into focus when I went to visit a friend. He has all types of fruit trees in his backyard, but the banana tree particularlly grasped my attention. 
In the DR they sell the bananas on that thick green stalk.
Number 1, I didn’t know that bananas grew upside down. Number 2,  I didn’t know that after the bananas are harvested that the entire tree dies. But number 3 is what got me…. Number 3, Right before the banana tree is ready to be harvested, a new banana tree starts to grow. 
Nature takes care of itself, it doesn’t need any help and it knows no time. Do you think the baby banana plant knows that the other plant is going to die? No. It simply springs forth to give new life because that is what it’s supposed to do. 

“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money” (I tried to find who said that but couldn’t, sorry). I was first introduced to this quote in high school, but as I grow through life it means more and more. Yes malls, car dealerships, and industry is nice. But if we industrialize all of our open land, where are we going to grow our food that will eventually feed us and our families?

Buen Viaje,