I Don’t Wear Shoes That Hurt My Feet!

There are MANY reasons that I love the DR, but this reason that I’m about to tell y’all has to defintiely be in the top 5 (especially for the ladies).

You are NOT underdressed for the club if you don’t have on 6 inch heels & I LOVE that!
1. I decided a long time ago that I was going to stop buying shoes that hurt my feet. You somewhere tryna look good for a man (who AIN’T even looking at your feet), and they got on sneakers posted up on somebody’s wall.
2. By the time you even get to the club with those kind of shoes on you don’t even wanna walk to the bathroom, let alone dance. & I like to dance and I cannot hit my jig like I want to with my pinky toe cryin. Yes, cryin.
Wedges and Platforms are very acceptible to wear to the club here, I mean they are in America too, but here you always see them because guess what, people ACTUALLY dance!! I mean isn’t that the reason people want to go to the club anyway?  DELIVER ME from spending 2 hours getting ready, just to sit down at a table with an Amaretto Sour and bob my head. Not to mention in the DR people still do couples dances that don’t resemble having sex with clothes on (merengue, bachata, salsa, etc.) & I’m defintiely down with that movement.
Now I am still a lil bit boogie in the fact that I’m still about to put on a cute romper, booty dress (bodycon), or a crop top/skirt duo & dress up my platforms/wedges. Chiiiile, here you can still see folks rocking jersey dresses like on the Chingy, “Right Thur”, video *”uh uh ain’t gone happen” in my NuNu from ATL voice*. Also, if the Jersey dress wasn’t enough why not just make you a jersey crop top and put some daisy dukes and Air Force Ones on with it and go to the club. Y’all think I’m playing, but I’m not. & for all of my members of Messy Phi Messy inc. (Messy Messy), I will do my very best to get y’all a picture.
However, PLEASE don’t be fooled, it’s some ladies over here that know how to do it. This island actually has some of the most beautiful women (correction people, men, women, and babies) that I have EVER seen. & honey when they get cute, THEY GET CUTE, and they actually have less resources to work with (not too many cute clothing stores & what they do have is ridiculously expensive for what you get) so I take my hat off to them.
One thing we defintiely have in common is that I’m not here for the blisters and bunions after the club and they aren’t either. If you ever visit the Dominican Republic, I STRONGLY consider you going out to the club (la discoteca) because there is so much culture to be experienced there. & remember to wear comfortable shoes, I can almost promise you someone will ask you to dance whether you are a man or a woman (especially if you aren’t a local)!
Buen Viaje,