#WhoIsVLeroux? (Sweet or Savage)?

If you like music, I KNOW you will definitely love this post, & I mean who doesn’t like music? For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been going back and forth to Atlanta, Georgia, & I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool & like minded people. One, in particular, stood out to me! Now y’all know I’m all about female empowerment & she is the epitome of girl power.. She goes by the name of V.Leroux, & she is a “femcee” (she taught me that term), from The West End, (“West End, best end!”) of Louisville, Kentucky. Atlanta is where she now calls home, after just recently moving there a couple of years ago to pursue music. We should all feel honored & privileged that V. Leroux chose us to do her first interview, this is a #BlackGalAbroadExclusive y’all!

I met her at Cabana Lounge, we were both in VIP, and she was one of the nice girls (& y’all know what I mean because us women can be some stank creatures). V, is so down to earth. She has a sweet & gentle spirit, but a fiery and passionate heart, & her music & image directly reflect that. On the outside, she looks like an angel, but when that girl raps, she. is. a. savage. Period. She is the walking proof that you should not judge a book by its cover. She was the first female ever to win Ego Lounge’s “Who Run It?”, she took home another gold in Miami, at Coast2Coast, & she got anotha W, at Keys to the Industry. To top it all off, she performed at SXSW (that’s South by Southwest, a music festival, for my readers that don’t know :)) powered by djwrightful.

When I asked her to describe herself, she used simply one word. “Different”, & I am in total agreement with this word choice. She is most definitely different than all things, that probably first come to mind when you hear the words “female rapper”. I mean from the inside out, V. Leroux, is one of a kind. Number 1, she is what I like to call a TP (total package). Not only does my girl spit bars, & holds down a 9-5, serving at Olive Garden, she can also put that wrist to work in the kitchen. After our interview, this girl fried chicken, accompanied by onions & potatoes, rice, & beans. V, can sit down & have girl talk with you for hours, but will also shoot some hoops. She can slay in some Louboutins , but prefers Nikes, & she can have a normal convo with you 5 minutes before she performs, & then gets on stage and literally almost eats the mic. “Didn’t I tell you that SHE was a savage?” *RiRi Voice*

This is V. Leroux’s new single, “Rollin”, check it out & be sure to show her some love if you like it!

She is all about creating her own lane & doesn’t really want to sound or look like any other artist. She is all about riding her own wave, & in her own words “spitting bars” because “females DO have bars”. She writes all of her own music, & in my opinion she is a lyricist, but you go check it out for yourself & form your own opinion (I mean you probably spend hours listening to mainstream radio music anyway, so why not plug in that aux cord & listen to some real spit?). You definitely don’t want to be that person that slept on her, because she is definitely going to the top. You can find her on Soundcloud (Official_VLeroux Soundcloud), Youtube (Official_VLeroux Youtube) & all social media @official_v.leroux. Follow her, like some pictures, listen to some music, send her a DM, I don’t care, but whatever you do make sure you show her some love! Don’t forget @officiacl_v.leroux @official_v.leroux @official_v.leroux @official_v.leroux !!!!!

Buen viaje,