You Gotta Rock White for Labor Day.

Hey, y’all! *in my most southern voice*, I feel so good today & I hope everybody had great Labor Day Weekend, because I know I did. I couldn’t travel out of the country so I decided to travel in my own.  Of course, it was a little bit crazy… But we all know by this point that that’s just my life, so please stay tuned for the next few post. I have A LOT to tell you guys.

So, if you’ve been following me on IG: @lovemissgabs, you know that this summer has been all about music for me! I mean what is the summer without some good concerts & music festivals? I’ll tell you what it’s not.. NOT SUMMER! I mean you have to turn up in the summer, year round of course, but really in the summer!

This weekend I went to Louisiana & Houston to bring in Labor Day & my friend, Whitney’s, birthday. Now I’m not sure about the dominant culture of all my readers, but for those of y’all that don’t know, black people love Labor Day. Now maybe not the meaning behind it for all my over “woke” people out there, but we ALL know Labor Day Weekend we’re somewhere asking “who made the potato salad,?” wearing white, and real lit that we don’t have to go to work on Monday. See video below:

[Excuse Whit & Kiara’s convo, y’all know how it is going out with your friends, but I digress, the point is to point out the all white we are both wearing]

So let’s break it down by days:

Saturday: We chilled all morning and pampered ourselves before we got ready for the Young Dolph concert. Yeah, you heard me Young Dolph!! Now if you’re not a Trap Rap connoisseur like myself, you may not be able to appreciate this occasion. But I definitely did. He performed at a nightclub called Club Tequila’s, in Monroe, Louisiana & the city came out! That venue would’ve been horrible if we weren’t VIP, but thank God for friends in high places. We were seated comfortably & cozy the whole night. If possible I would recommend trying to go VIP at every event you can possibly afford. Don’t skip bills to get in, that’s not what I said, make sure you budget accordingly. I personally think it’s better to be at 5 VIP events vs 10 regular events, but that’s just my preference, you have to do what works for you….

Getting back to Dolph, I wish he would’ve performed some of his more recent songs & more hits, but maybe he didn’t get paid to do all that, who knows. If I had to sum the night up as a whole I would say that the whole experience itself was worth the $30 I paid for the ticket. However, I wouldn’t have felt that way if I wasn’t VIP, Dolph only performed for like 45 minutes (if that) out of about 3 hours. The true win about this whole night was that all of my friends & I got really dressed up to go & we were seen by a lot of people, so who can complain about a night like that? That’s pretty much the only reason I wanna go out anyway!

Young Dolph

Because I went to school in Louisiana, Monroe, was not a new experience for me, but Club Tequila’s & Young Dolph were. If this summer taught me anything, it is to travel as much as possible; the distance doesn’t matter & neither does the climate. Just go. If you hate it, you have a story to tell, but what if you love it? That’s another place that you feels a little bit like home, & isn’t that the greatest feeling?

Sunday: So running on fumes & gatorade we hit the road going to Houston for the #summersixteentour, which you can read about on my next post!


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