If you read part one of my Labor Day weekend shenanigans (link here in case you missed it: You Gotta Rock White for Labor Day.), then you know I left y’all at the beginning of a road trip to Houston after a supa (yes, supa) LIT night at the Young Dolph concert in Monroe, Louisiana. So, now that you’re back for part two, let’s just pick up where we left off, shall we…


So running on fumes (our bodies, not the car) & Gatorade we hit the road going to Houston for the #summersixteentour. Now typically my advice would be to get plenty of rest before taking a long drive, but it was one of my bestie’s birthday weekends & the turn up just had to take place ALL weekend long. Hence the reason we were running on fumes, but the #summersixteentour was definitely worth it! I’m not even going to do a lot of writing, I’m just going to let the photos & videos speak for themselves.

So before we can go to any event we have to get cute right? #alldetailsmatter

Aubrey, yes I’m calling him by his real name, was apparently either, a) getting his eyebrows done, b) getting his face beat, c) on a FaceTime call with RiRi, or d) ALL of the above; because it took him forever to come onstage. I had 2 of the best margaritas I’ve ever had (they should’ve been for $12 a piece), an impromptu photo shoot, & tried to sneak into the Club Suite while I was waiting on him. HOWEVER, when his royal highness did decide to grace us with his presence, he turnt that thang up!! When I tell y’all Drake, did not come to play with the kids. Everything from his band to the live music, to the lighting & special effects was on point!


Now let’s talk about Future Hendrix, as he likes to call himself. All I’m gonna say is that Drake knew he had to perform first because he was not going to be able to top the energy that Future brought. AT ALL. Future didn’t have all the special lighting & effects that Drake had, & he didn’t even have a live band, but Drake was definitely passing him toilet paper at the end of the night because he straight s*** all over the Toyota Center. He brought DJ ESCO & some dancers & he had the entire arena rockin’! Future was also dressed really cute if I do say so myself.

The night was FULL of surprises:

Y’all will have to excuse my clatchetness (classy + ratchet) in that video, Wayne is my favorite rapper of all time (I love Tupac as well, I guess I should say living rapper [RIP]).

Weezy & Drizzy

Since I’m just gonna let the concert speak for itself (I should’ve charged $20 a view for this post.. just kidding, pull those panties out a wad), I’m gonna give you guys a few tips I think will be helpful if you plan on seeing this concert, or just any concert in general.



1. Eat before you go to the concert!

I MEAN IT, I am using my most serious tone right now, you will either starve before the artist(s) even get on stage or you will have to sell your firstborn to buy some food there (I told y’all about my $12 margaritas).

That’s what happens when you don’t eat before (& I actually had a little snack before the show, & by snack I mean hot wings)!

2. Get a portable charger.

One of the ones that’s built like phone case would be the most convenient so you can continue to snap, tweet, etc.. I can’t wait to buy one, I will never again be put in the situation to debate if I’m gonna post Lil Wayne’s surprise appearance on Snapchat or walk home because my phone might die & I can’t request an Uber.


Ladies, if you think you’re a bad*** you might ignore suggestions 1 & 2, but I promise you, ain’t NOBODY that bad to stand in heels for hours & walk a great distance afterward. “I’ll just get an Uber, they’ll pull right up to the door.” Yeah, that’s what we said too, & guess what I had Monday morning, bruised toes (it probably didn’t help that we had to run from an active shooter at VLive, but I digress. Y’all know I live a lawless life).

Reasons why you need flip-flops..

I’m not sure how many dates are left on this tour or what cities are left, but I would definitely recommend this tour if you’re looking for a concert that won’t disappoint. I was even introduced to some new artists (they opened up for Drake) like Roy Woods & DVSN, see below:


s/o to H-Town for holdin’ it down & giving me an unforgettable night!

Buen viaje,