Bonefire ATL

I’m all about new things and experiences & this one was one for the books y’all. Don’t let the name fool you, this was not at all your regular bonfire. This was a truly unique & “lit” experience, in every sense of the word (definite pun intended). It was at a grimy-looking building (in a cool way), covered in graffiti inside & out. They had crazy light effects & live music & 2 DJs. The crowd was so eccentric & it was nothing but love & positive vibes the entire night.

If you’re looking to go out but want to do something other than the club/lounge/bar scene, I strongly urge you to give this a try. Even if is doesn’t sound like your thing, try it anyway! It’s cool to have an open mind about anything don’t you think?

So let me just list the reasons I (emphasis on I) fell in love with Bonfire ATL. Y’all know I’m gone keep it 100 with y’all, so trust me, then verify by going and experiencing it yourself. What do you have to lose?

  1. The energy: If you know the definition of energy you know it can neither be created nor destroyed. But if you know about energy – I mean that energy you can feel deep down in your stomach – you know how to appreciate pure, genuine, loving, energy. This is what I felt at Bonfire ATL. I never once thought anybody was going to start fighting or shooting, it was just a real cool, chill wave.


  1. The people: there were all types of people there & the majority of them just seemed to be so free. Everybody was really doing them, not caring what other people thought but just doing whatever felt right at the moment. The crowd was very diverse & I mean everything from people selling moonshine to fire eaters! Think I’m kidding? (see the video below) We danced and I mean really danced, we probably rapped & sang way too loudly, & I was even an extra in an impromptu music video (I’m pretty sure they just have me walking by, but still, 15 seconds of fame will do for me).
  1. The music: the DJs had it rockin from the time we got there til the time we left & I respect the heck outta that! They also played a lot of different types of music & from different eras & I LOVED that!


  1. FOOD TRUCK: It was Jamaican too y’all! They had jerk chicken plates, bowls, but y’all I had the jerk chicken tacos & they put baked beans on them (don’t knock it til you try it) it was sooo LIT!!


  1. Did I mention it was a skate park so there were real deal hard core skaters in there doing tricks & stuff, which was really cool to watch. I LOVE graffiti & it was VERY abundant so that was also really dope. They had people with light up skateboards & skateboard shoes and everything.
  1. It’s a BYOB event so you can drink as much as you want without spending $100 on drinks! Make sure you have a DD or take an uber! BlackGalAbroad does not support drink and driving in any way, shape, form, or fashion. However, I am about a good, responsible, clatchet, turn up.


  1. Free parking: if you buy your tickets in advance!! If you have spent more than 5 minutes in Atlanta then you know this is something to truly be thankful for.

If this list didn’t convince you, just go anyway. Honestly, if you go and don’t find one thing you like or at least appreciate about this event, I promise it’s you. And that’s honest *Joanne the Scammer voice*.

This event is every Sunday in Atlanta, GA, 10pm-3am. Buy your tickets in advance to cut the cost and get that free parking!! The tickets download straight to your Passbook (for iPhone users) or your email for other operating systems, so all you need is your phone to get in. I know right, so convenient. So convenient that you at least gotta try it once!

You never know, you just might see me there!

SN: Be on the lookout for next week’s post, it’s my bestie’s birthday today & it’s finna be lit!

Buen viaje,