Brunchin’ at Boogalou

Brunch has quickly turned into one of my favorite hobbies. Yes! I said hobby, because it is! Finding a good brunch spot, with drinks (it ain’t brunch without mimosas), getting all the crew there, & finding a cute outfit to wear to said brunch all takes planning & preparation. Now this doesn’t have to be a hard task if you don’t make it that way in my opinion brunch should be super chill. I’m gonna give y’all a few tips about brunching, but first I gotta tell you about the perfect brunch I had last Sunday at Boogalou. This little gem is located in Atlanta, GA, in a really cool part of town.

I’ll keep this post easy, breezy, & to the point, because that’s how brunch was! It’s $25, for unlimited buffet, a choice of french toast, waffle, or omelet, & of course bottomless mimosas (if they see you bout it they will really just leave a pitcher on table for you, that’s LOVE). Because my friends & I are greedy, I got the waffle & my friend got the french toast so that we could try both of them. I got the waffle & it was amazing (I love when people cook waffles a little hard, I DON’T DO DOUGHY). The buffet selections were also really good, too. They had everything from soul food (greens, yams, dressing, etc.) to pasta salad (which was really good). I would have to say that my all time favorite was the lobster mac & cheese!! I don’t even really eat mac & cheese at restaurant because people usually make it too dry (like are y’all afraid of a little butter & milk?), but this lobster mac & cheese at Boogalou was for the gods hunny. I had about 3 servings of it, but I know we’re not judging.They also had a really nice mixed green salad with some really good balsamic dressing, & I love a good fresh salad, so I was really there for that.

Now let’s get into these mimosas. Y’all, it’s one thing to have bottomless mimosas, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to just leave the pitcher on the table. They are just so real for that, & it makes so much sense. Don’t tire out your servers with refills when you could just leave the pitcher on the table. Because trust me, I’m GONE drink it!! I love the mimosas at Boogalou, they have three flavors: stawberry (it is fresh strawberry puree, it even has the seeds in it), pineapple, and of course original. My favorite was the strawberry (YES I tried them all), that was what I requested a pitcher of (let me just go ahead & strongly suggest taking an Uber or selecting a DD for brunch).

I’m still exploring this city little by little, but each time I’m here I find a new treasure, unique & full of character. The photos of my brunch at Boogalou speak for themselves. Of course the setting & vibe have to right for brunch (as it should be for all things in life).

So to help you get the most out of your brunch experience here are a few suggestions:

  1. Try new places ALL the time. Yeah it’s good to have your favorites… until you find a new favorite!
  2. Check and see what time the area you are in starts serving alcohol (because brunch is usually a Sunday event for me, I’ve had problems with this in the past they don’t serve alcohol until noon on Sunday in ATL).
  3. Get cute, & that doesn’t always mean be dressed up! You can slay in a sundress or give some slight work in a cute workout ensemble, but give the people some kind of life!
  4. Try new entrees!! I’m not really a fan of eggs benedict, but I would have never known that if I hadn’t tried it.
  5. Have fun!! Invite everybody you can think of (give them maybe a 1 or 2 day notice). The more the merrier & everybody won’t always make it, but it will mean so much when everyone can. There is nothing like discussing the latest tea over good food & mimosas (gotta have the mimosas).


I hope this post influences you to go to brunch or try a new place for brunch. Potluck brunches are fun too! Brunch can be anyway you want it to be. I’ve never seen rules for it, & even if there are, they were made to be broken anyway. But do quote me on this, “It ain’t brunch without mimosas!”

Buen viaje,