Girls Love Beyoncé ![#formationworldtour]

Let me just start by saying that this was just as much a surprise for me as it is for y’all! I had no idea that I was going to this concert, it just happened! Talk about blessings, on blessings, on blessings *Big Sean voice*. My daddy literally just sent me a text the Friday before the show (the concert was that following Monday, in ATL), asking me if I wanted two free Beyoncé tickets…. Ummm hell yes (hell isn’t a bad word, it’s in the Bible *evil laugh*). So shoutout to my daddy for not only getting me two FREE tickets to the Beyoncé concert, but FREE FLOOR tickets to the Beyoncé concert!

I know y’all care more about me actually being there vs how I got there, so I’ll give you the quick version. The doors opened at 5:30 & the show “started” at 7:30, pm of course. We got comfortable & seated at about 9:00, with food & everything (just in time) after beating Atlanta traffic, having to throw away an entire PURSE, and so much more. Y’all know it is ALWAYS an adventure with me & my people, but I digress. Nigga we made it!!

Bey came out on stage…. & just like for the #summersixteentour, I’m gonna let the videos speak for themselves:


This was one of my fave moments of the show. It was so transparent & just full of love & light. It truly showed me another side of Bey.

This was black girl magic at it’s finest! I absolutely LOVE the electric guitar, it produces one of my fave sounds & I am so here for that way that sista is tearing’ it up!!

Can we just stop & talk about these outfit changes for a moment? Her team is everything because there was no intermission (meaning LOTS of quick changes), and every outfit was so appropriate for the song she was performing!

I really love how the whole show just came together. That’s what you call a production, the lights, special fx, dancers, acrobats, just everything about this show made it worth every penny I didn’t spend, but will spend in the future to go see her.

I am still living for that Shawty Lo tribute, she showed much love to the A & Shawty Lo by doing that, & I definitely respect her even more as an artist & a person after that.

This is one of my favorite songs & by far my fav performance of the night! Those rotating doors were just everything for me!




So I think we can ALL agree that the concert was nothing short of phenomenal, lit, amazing, all that! So let’s just go over some more tips I’ve learned since Drake & Future. I just be tryna tell y’all stuff so y’all can learn from my mistakes!! If you missed the first part of my concert tips you can find them at the #summersixteentourlink above.

  • Bring a small purse!!! & I mean small, like a mini clutch. The security staff made my cousin put all of her belongings in a plastic, see-through bag, and she either had to check her purse or throw it away. We tried to hide it, but of course when we came back it was gone. Moral of the story, bring a small purse!!
Y’all see how little my bag is right?
  • Flip Flops: I won’t say I totally retract my tip about bringing flip flops, but it seems null & void if you can’t bring a clutch any bigger than your fist. Where you gone put em? We gotta figure something out because after you dance with Bey for 2 hours & that adrenaline go down that walk to the car be CRUCIAL. Just give me a little bit of time, I’m working on it. Maybe those little foldable flats will fit the baby clutch test & fit snuggly in there with: phone, keys, lipstick, money, & ID. Hopefully you sense the hope & sarcasm in my tone.

This night was perfect! The hurt feet & lost clutch were comical because it was all worth it to see her perform! We couldn’t have asked for a better night two free tickets to see Bey, in one of my favorite cities, with one of my favorite people (heeeey Ash). I really hope y’all enjoy the pics & videos as much as I did recording them!

This video totally sums up how I feel about that entire night, for the concert to be so unexpected, it was exactly what I needed in that moment. Isn’t it amazing the desires of our hearts that the Lord gives us without us even having to say one word?

Buen viaje,