“Bienvenido” means welcome in español, & that’s exactly what I want to do, welcome you to the new & improved BlackGalAbroad, website. Or, as I like to call it, BlackGalAbroad 2.0. Same content, same attitude, just with a new face & a few new features! I am SUPER excited about all the new features because it makes keepin’ up with the blog so much easier for everyone, including me!


So as you can obviously see, I have a new logo, which I love (s/o to Gary’s Graphics aka my pappy), & you can see we have a new, less chaotic color scheme. The new colors, orange, green, and black are my rendition of the Pan-African flag. To all my overly “woke” followers, calm down, let me explain. I know that the color red in the Pan-African flag represents “the blood shed for redemption & liberty”. However, because my blog is mostly about travel & new experiences, I chose to use the color orange (a variant of red), because it represents: joy, creativity, the tropics, encouragement, & success, amongst many other positive things.


Now let’s talk about these features. If you haven’t already you can now:


  1. Subscribe to the blog – my favorite feature!! This allows you to receive emails every time I post something new, that way you don’t miss a thing! Scroll down to the very bottom of the site, and just type in your email!


  1. Got a post that you love? Got info you wanna read again? Easily access it as many times as you want by utilizing the new “search” feature. It allows you to search for the post you want to see by simply typing the title in the search bar (also located at the bottom of the page).


  1. You can now access my Instagram, straight from the blog! Be sure to follow me & the BlackGalAbroad IG & Facebook pages as well.


  1. ABOUT & CONTACT! To learn more about me, & what BlackGalAbroad is about, be sure to hit up that “About” page. Comments, questions, and/or concerns? Be sure to visit the “Contact” page, I would love to hear what you have to say!
  1. Be sure to always check out “Recent Posts” & “Archives” to make sure you haven’t missed anything! I know after you go on & subscribe, though, that won’t be a problem!

I know you guys will love all these new features that the new & improved BlackGalAbroad has to offer. I really appreciate all the people who have been ridin’ with me on the small journeys that go on, but also the biggest journey we will all ever complete, life. Your love, light, & support is so appreciated & I would love to have your continued support moving forward. “We ride together, we die together. Bad Boyz for life.”


Buen Viaje,