Flingin’ into Fall

Although my favorite season is summer, October is my favorite month. I know that probably doesn’t make sense at all, but that’s what I like! Since summer has sadly come to a close & fall has arrived, I’m gonna give you guys a few places to go, things to eat, and super cute wardrobe ideas to spice up your fall this year.


Let’s start with places to go…


  • Fall festivals
  • The pumpkin patch
  • Bonfires (preferably Bonfire ATL)

Netflix & Chill parties (at tate-farms

I brought in my fall by taking my nieces to the pumpkin patch & the Madison Street Festival (a local fall festival in my hometown). I think stuff like this is so cool. Now mind you, I was also with a 3-year-old & a 4-year-old, & they didn’t do nothin’ but fight the ENTIRE time, so I had  a little bit of a fall frenzy going on as well. But everything isn’t always about me & they had a blast. At the street festival, we got our faces painted, they jumped in the moon bounce, I had a gyro & FRESH kettle corn [you gotta taste it to know the difference from the bag, it’s AMAZING], fresh squeezed lemonade, & some more stuff (I KNOW y’all ain’t judging me); meanwhile, they enjoyed pizza, Dippin’ Dots, & orange soda (their mom’s don’t let them drink soda, so this what a treat for them!) After this we made our way to Tate Farms (the pumpkin patch), & they played on tractors, we pet farm animals (which was hilarious because they were terrified), picked pumpkins, & I had roasted corn & more fresh squeezed lemonade (I guess it’s no secret I love street/festival food).

This was such a good day, not only because I got to bond with my nieces, but because they got me out of the monotony of my usual Saturday morning. #1, I was up WAY too early in my opinion (you should just be waking up at 10am OR LATER, on a Sat. morning, not up, dressed, & ready). I also couldn’t back out of the plans because I promised that I would go (usually if I make plans for a Saturday morning that aren’t mandatory, they are cancelled because my bed> than ANYTHING else that could be going on before noon on a Saturday). But let’s talk more about fall foods (other than pumpkin).


Now I don’t have anything against pumpkin at all, but I do kinda feel like it’s the overrated basic bish of the fall foods. I mean what else do you really wanna make with pumpkins other than pumpkin pie? Not to mention you can get pumpkin stuff everywhere: Starbucks’ pumpkin latte, Olive Garden’s pumpkin cheesecake, & pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. So here are some of my fave fall foods.


  • Pomegranates- one of my favorite fall fruits because of the taste, the healthy properties & the story behind it. Google Persephone (Greek goddess; daughter of Zeus & Demeter)
  • Apples- I love them all! Honey Crisp, Fuji, Macintosh, Gala. I guess my least favorite would have to be Granny Smith & my favorite would be candy apples!
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Squash
  • Pears
  • Cauliflower


& the list goes on, I guess I just really want to encourage y’all to think outside the box when it comes to fall foods because there are SO many good ones to choose from OTHER THAN PUMPKIN!!


Now that we’ve covered where to go & what to eat, let’s talk about what to wear! I love fringe for fall, & also love layers because if it’s not freezing outside, I wanna wear my belly out, & you can do that even longer if you have a cute cardigan or a nice leather jacket! I’m also all about mixing textures & rocking some headgear in the fall – turbans, beanies, & cute hats are always a great idea in the cool season, in my opinion. You do lose 90% of your heat from your head.


I hope everybody transitions well from summer to fall. I know it can be a depressing time if you are a barefoot, beach bum like myself (say that 3x fast). But I’m a firm believer that you can add a little spice to anything in life, even the stuff you don’t like, to just make it a little bit better. I pray that you keep warm, survive cuffing season, & keep it G this holiday season! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Buen Viaje,