What is Mieroglyphs?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Mieroglyphs is an accessories company that specializes in making bracelets, dog collars, key chains, etc. from sustainable material. They are vegan, cruelty-free (which Luca, my Frenchie, & I LOVE), and ALL of their products are handcrafted, which I also love. Because I am slowly but surely trying to transition into an all-natural lifestyle (it ain’t easy, y’all, but it’s worth it), this partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. I bought a keychain for myself and a dog collar for Luca, and I just have to tell y’all how much I love them. I will leave details a little later about how you can save money when buying from Mieroglyphs with my discount code. For now, let’s focus on how much I respect their brand and how cute Luca’s new dog collar is!

  1. All of Mieroglyphs’ products include cork-leather, which is derived from oak trees. The process of getting cork-leather provides a healthy and longer life for oak trees.I think this is so cool because I didn’t even know there were different forms of leather before becoming an affiliate with Mieroglyphs. So in addition to getting cute stuff for me and Luca, I also learned something new, which is always great. I love that Mieroglyphs easily fits into the all-natural lifestyle that I am trying to pursue (more to come about this in a later post).
The matching keychain to Luca’s collar is what is hanging out of my pants, I tried to make it look cool 🙂


  1. Their products are cute which makes me more likely to incorporate them into mine & Luca’s everyday wardrobe .What? Y’all know he’s got to match my fly. It is my goal to get him a collar in every color so we can always match 🙂



  1. You can create a custom inscription for each product you order from Mieroglyphs, and I seriously love anything about 10x more if it can be personalized. My keychain says, “Whom the Lord sets free is free indeed” & Luca’s collar says “Luca B. Jones” the “B” is for Brasi, of course.




I think Mieroglyphs has a lot of potential because of how natural & cute their products are, especially if you have a pooch. I am positive that I’ll end up buying more for Luca than I will for myself! I think the longevity of any eco-friendly brand will be extended if style isn’t compromised, and I think Mieroglyphs does a good job of not sacrificing style for sustainability.

I am very pleased with my first two items from Mieroglyphs. I really like the colors, details and material. If you haven’t done so already, check them out at http://www.mieroglyphs.com (for human goodies) and follow them on Instagram @mieroglphysapparel & @mieroglyphs. If you want to purchase something for your pooch, they will be launching a new site, Geopetric, soon.




You can ALWAYS save 10% on your purchases by using discount code LUCA10 for all of your human orders. I’ll be posting an update on BGA with the discount code & URL for the pooches soon, which I will also post on my Instagram.

Buen Viaje,