Clean Eating: It Works!

Hey, y’all! Guess what? I finally got my first request! One of my readers asked me to do a post about how I transitioned from eating horribly to healthily, so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. If any of you want me to blog about a specific subject, please go to the homepage, click “Contact” and send me a message -I would love to hear from you!

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I think it is no coincidence that I started a partnership with an It Works distributor around the same time that one of my readers (Hey, Tiara) asked me to do a post about clean eating, hence the punny title. Clean eating is a journey, I started in 2012, and I am still learning & still trying to better myself by bettering my diet every day. Because of Tiara’s request, I want to start a series about health on the blog, we’ll call it “Green Gal.” I want to give you all tips as well as learn and grow with you guys. I will post product reviews, holistic health tips, and all types of health related stuff. I think it’s going to be really fun & really educational for all of us.

A semi-healthy dish in DR, forgive me I forget the name.

When I started clean eating: I have always been exposed to clean, healthy living. My mom cooked every day when I was growing up (she pretty much still does), she made sure I stayed active & she has always taught me to use holistic medicine to treat any ailment I may have. Now let’s fast forward to 2012 when I went off to college. Everything was all good until the food in the cafeteria started to make me sick. My school was in Louisiana so there was a lot of starches & gravy in the mix, not to mention that cafe food in general is just gross. So I had the not so bright idea of eating pizza & fast food all the time (see I went backward before I moved forward, so be patient with yourself), and that was a HORRIBLE idea. That fast food & pizza began to make me so sick, so I had to get creative

Freshman were required to live in the dorms *rolls eyes* Side Note: Why do colleges care where you live? If my GPA is good, WE should be good. However, as usual, I digress. Because freshman had to live in the dorm, I had to start “cooking” in the microwave. Yep, you heard me, cooking in the microwave, I didn’t have a stove so I had to make do with what I had. I began to buy vegetables in the steamer bags, Tyson grilled chicken, salad mix, minute rice, and just all kinda tasty things I found while exploring the freezer section. No frozen & microwavable foods aren’t the best for you, but some aren’t as bad as you think, and the microwavable food wasn’t making me sick, therefore making it a win for me!

Healthy Frozen Foods (shout out to BuzzFeed for this article)


Which brings me to my next point: everything won’t work for everybody, and when you know better (& have better resources) you can do better. At the time I didn’t know to watch for the sodium & nutritional value of frozen & microwavable foods (I didn’t care about the salt, I just didn’t want to be sick), but as time went on I learned more about which brands and entrees were better for me. I would say if you are interested in making a lifestyle change start by googling superfoods & clean foods, listen to what your body is telling you it NEEDS not what it wants (if it’s yelling chocolate cake every couple days that’s not the voice to tune into). I promise you, once you start to eat clean and recognize what your body needs vs. what it wants, your body will start to crave cleaner food. It won’t happen overnight or all at once, it is definitely a process. I still go to Taco Bell (guilty pleasure), but now I get a Mexican pizza with NO meat on it, just beans. Eat how you feel you should, don’t follow my model or anyone else’s. To thine own self be true, but also be prepared to deal with the consequences when you stray off from healthy foods. Taco Bell does NOT like me, but I like their food so I just work it out.

A meal prepared by me! See I was doing good until the cheesy bread (my weakness).

One way to get rid of icky things from our body is to alkalize, detox, and make sure our bodies maintain balance. You can do all of these things several ways, and neither way is better than the others.

To alkalize you can buy alkaline (alkaline: to become or make more alkaline) water from your local health food store (or make it yourself), or go to your local juicery and ask them what alkalizing beverages they have. Most ailments and diseases grow better in acidic environments, so if your body is more alakaline it is harder for you to get sick.

To detox you can buy detox kits, drink fruit infused water, I mean honestly you could google “detoxes” & read about them for hours. I would honestly stick to detoxes that have ALL natural ingredients myself, but like I said, do what works for you.

To maintain balance in your body, try your best to eat from all the food groups, try to eat foods that are in season, exercise, go to the doctor annually (esp. OB/GYN, ladies) & google EVERYTHING to make sure it’s good for you (the FDA WILL lead you astray).


I put my greens in my peach tea lemonade from Starbucks this particular day. It was great!

However, I like to keep things simple & kill multiple birds with one stone, so I drink Greens on the Go by It Works. This product comes in a box filled with 30 packets that look very similar to the Crystal Lite to-go packets, but instead of being filled with Crystal Lite, they are filled with dried & pulverized fruits, herbs, & vegetables. They come in flavors like berry & orange, but they seem to take on the flavor of the beverage that you mix them in (my preference is ice cold juice). I just recently started using this product as part of a partnership with an It Works Consultant, but I already love it! I look forward to taking them in the morning, and actually, juice with my greens mixed in have become breakfast for me. I feel like I have more energy than when taking a regular multivitamin & if you don’t like taking pills (I HATE it), this is definitely for you. I hope you all have found this helpful & I can’t wait to continue this journey with you guys. Please feel free to use the “Contact” section for any questions or comments you may have.

Buen Viaje,