Trump or Travel

I’m not sure about y’all, but I am so ready to VOTE (make sure y’all do that), & get this mess over with. On some days, thinking about these elections & the overall state of America right now takes my anxiety from a 2 to a 10 (but God is able). So I’m here number 1 to vent, but to also give y’all some options in case the horrible happens, & that would be for the male in this race, whose name doesn’t even deserve to grace this page (ok, I know it’s already on here but let’s keep it to a minimum), wins president of the United States of America.

I am so done with the fact that he has even made it this far, y’all. The fact that he has made it through all the preliminary things that lead up to this moment makes me ashamed to be an American, & that’s honest Joanne the Scammer voice. He is filled with so much hatred, & I just can’t take it. This man literally likes no one. He has a problem withevery minority group: Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, Women, & don’t forget about the children, JESUS!


We HAVE to go vote guys, Trump cannot get into office, it’s not about being for Hillary, it’s about being against him & any other man or woman who has a hate-driven agenda.



Now that I’ve had my opportunity to vent, let’s talk about your options if this hateful individual were to get into office.


  1. You can always move out of the country, this is a very good option for recent grads & people with few ties such as marriage, kids, etc. but if you have the money to move your entire family, why not do it? I loved living in the Dominican Republic & I am currently seeking ways to get back there (in case Trump wins & just because I love it). If I can do it why can’t you? Duh, there is no reason silly. We all have a favorite place & we all wish we could live there for a long period of time, 4 years is plenty. I really recommend the Dominican Republic, but don’t fret. You have about 2 months to figure it out before the inauguration, use this holiday season to explore Trump evacuation locations; you’ll thank me later.
  2. You can stay here & suffer. Y’all know I’m dramatic. These are the only two options I can think of. Ok, maybe not, but the suck it up & make it work option just isn’t my thing. We have been dealing with so much in America & I just need a break. I feel so much more comfortable, in tune, & alive when I am in the Dominican Republic & I think I should allow myself that pleasure. If you feel that way too, please don’t suffer here.
  3. We can really only deal with this in each of our own ways, what works for me may not work for you & vice-versa, but I strongly recommend that you write out a plan about what will happen if he does win. Save money, invest wisely, look into being able to sustain yourself & your family without outside resources, & most importantly pray. Pray that people realize that this election doesn’t have anything to do with the natural but everything to do with the spiritual. Pray that God protects us, and pray that a spirit of peace will fall over this nation that we call home.


When it’s all said & done I only see 2 feasible options for me if Trump wins, & that is to endure Trump or to travel. I will make the next 4 years an extended vacation & learn how to make money abroad & live off the land, because I ain’t stayin here.


Buen Viaje,