Greens on the Go UPDATE!!

Hey, y’all (if we were in person y’all would know the drawl is real strong today)! So if you read my Clean Eating: It Works! post, then you know that I’ve been incorporating a new supplement into my diet. I am now replacing my vitamins with Greens on the Go, by It Works! In the introductory post of my new supplement, I was just starting them so I couldn’t really tell you any long term effects, but now that it has been almost a month I feel comfortable & confident about fully recommending this product to you guys!

So like I said, it’s a month in & I really love Greens on the Go!

  1. This is a plant based, natural, soy-free, non-GMO, vegan product that has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners! You guys should be sold just based off that, but for my skeptics I shall continue to brag about this gift from God.
  2. It is SO easy to take! It comes in a pack that looks like crystal light, & you just pour it into 8 fluid ounces of water or juice (some people even blend it into their smoothies).
  3. They are made for on the go use, so you can throw them right in your bag & take them wherever is convenient for you. Whether it’s work, church, on the road, etc.., you can take your greens. I mean how hard is it to rip, pour, shake & drink?
  4. It Works’ Greens on the Go gives you your full serving of fruits & vegetables for the day, 52 herbs, and a variety of superfoods all in one cute little package.
  5. It is WAY better than swallowing multiple horse pills (I hate them, I feel like they are still in my throat an hour after I take them) & having to buy a bunch of different supplements. After you take your greens with your juice in the morning you’re literally good to go!


I really hope you guys try this product for yourself & you love it as much as I do. Remember if the inside feels good the outside automatically looks better, so do yourself a favor & invest in the inner you. You can order these products from any It Works distributor, but I highly recommend going through mine, Gerri Phillips ( She is so knowledgeable about all of the products that It Works has to offer & about health & beauty in general. You can tell her the areas you are looking to improve & she can recommend a product or a set of products to get you started on the journey to a healthier, spunkier, better you!

Buen Viaje,