Mic Check, Mike Check!

So if you read the #WhoIsVLeroux? (Sweet or Savage)? post, you know I’ve been trying my hand at a little music blogging. At first music blogging was something new & I just wanted to try it, since then it has become something that I really enjoy. The artist to be featured in this post, definitely confirmed my love for music blogging & it is something that I am definitely going to try to integrate into the blog a little bit more.

This time I really want to set the stage so you really get a glimpse into not only who he is as an artist, but also as a person. We met at a cute Asian inspired coffee shop, Sweet Hut, in Atlanta, GA (a place he likes to frequent) to talk about his new EP, Birth of the Beast. He recommended the brown sugar ginger tea with milk (which was phenomenal), & we sat & talked about his project & so much more. He goes by the name of Mike Smoove & he is just that, smooth as butter. Smooth in his flow, in his ways, & in his personality (he’s a rapper that recommends ginger tea, I mean it doesn’t really get more dynamic than that). A Philly native, now attending Morehouse College, dropping fire music (you can literally play his EP from start to finish, NO SKIPS), and motivating his fellow peers while doing so. He is the co-CEO of Mic Check Ent., a full blown record label, I kid you not. Y’all they got artists, interns & everything. He is the epitome of the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to.”


I’m not sure what is more dynamic, Mike Smoove as a person or his music. Like I previously stated, you can listen to Mike Smoove’s EP, Birth of the Beast, skip-free. It literally has something for everybody! Like love songs? “Let You Go Ft. Big Joe will definitely touch your heart & make you think. Like hard rap? If so then you’ll love “Birth of the Beast” & “Let Them Know” (my favorite song on the EP), he snapped on both of these! Mike Smoove even has something for the lover of old school music, “Downfall Freestyle“, it has a Doug E Fresh type of vibe & I love it even more because Mike made the beat himself. When I asked Mike how he would describe himself as an artist, he answered with “Painting pictures with my words, keepin’ it real, & telling the truth… I make music based off of how I’m feeling”. His Birth of the Beast, EP totally embodies that. The intro track to BOTB, named after the EP itself, is “A track solidifying my position, letting ppl know this is really what I do, the title means what I want them to know, this is the birth of the beast.“-Mike Smoove. Mike says he dropped BOTB to display his lyrical abilities & because he thinks he’s been too humble with his rapping.


I’m totally biased because I’ve literally loved Mike since I met him. He is such a gentleman (& we all know how hard those are to find in today’s time), he is intelligent, creative & such a go-getter! He is a very well-rounded individual & I personally think that is a part of what makes him such a great mc! He said he wants “to make music that people will be listening to 10 years from now”, & I definitely think he has executed that in BOTB.

I asked Mr. Smoove how he got his name & his answer left me speechless. I was expecting him to say something corny like “because I’m smooth as butter/oil/baby’s bottom”, (y’all know the metaphors commonly used when referring to smoothness) I was wrong.

“There are two types of cars in life, old & new, when an old car hits bumps & tribulations in the road, it is quickly shifted into a new direction & changes course, when a new car hits these same bumps & tribulations, it smoothly overcomes them. I’m the new car, I smoothly get over anything life throws at me.”- Mike Smoove


Fun Facts:

  • “I was a mean baby, I would curse people out because my brother would teach me how to curse. I never cursed around my dad though.”
  • “I used to be with a group called TBD, short for Too Busy Dreamin’ & we made a mixtape called Tangled Thoughts.”
  • Mike’s favorite artist is Nas.
  • He attends Morehouse on scholarship!!

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Instagram: @doctor_smoove

Soundcloud: Soundcloud: Mike Smoove

Youtube: Youtube: Mike Smoove

Ultimately, Mike wants to be a mogul in order to inspire, help others, & make a positive impact on society. Everything that he does he wants to inspire & impact people in a positive way (I personally think that’s phenomenal & the world needs more people like Mike). Even the reason behind his record label, Mike Check Entertainment, is to uplift other artists & give them a safe & supportive space to create.

“We want artists to be their own creative individuals. We want to take artists & push them to their full artistic abilities. They come with their own vision & we help elevate it & take it to the next level. We want them to feel like we believe in their vision as much as they do.”- Mike Smoove



There is so much that I could write about Mike Smoove, as a person & as an MC, but I would like to end this post with his words because I feel like this quote conveys both.

“My whole life I’ve just wanted my voice to be heard & to impact people positivey & make a difference, this is for all the times I tried to speak up & people silenced me.  I’m just rising up, & I will make sure I‘m heard with every gift god gave me. The next Diddy, the next Jay-Z, the next Mike Smoove, the only Mike Smoove.”- Mike Smoove

Buen Viaje,