Hey y’all! Happy New Year & all that! I took a break for the holidays because I needed it, but I’m back like I never left & I hope y’all missed me as much as I missed writing!

So let’s just jump right in it because y’all know how I do. So I’m sitting here at the airport, terminal B1 to be exact, drinking a “Zen” tea, because I need a hell of a lot of zen right now. Y’all know I like to keep short, sweet & spicy so listen…

1. My flight was delayed 24 hours (I’m headed back to my favorite island, the Dominican Republic), I was supposed to leave yesterday & already be on the beach having my fifth margarita by now, but that’s neither here nor there at this moment.

2. When I finally did get to the airport the dang machine that you pay to park, ate my daddy’s credit card so we literally had to sit there until somebody came to get it out which took about 15 minutes because people just aren’t efficient anymore. I mean really you had ONE job!!!

3. Oh! It gets better! I get ready to enter the airport with all my luggage (I have no idea what it means to travel light) and the *************** (insert your fave curse word) elevator is out of order! GREAT! Just phenomenal! Thank God for daddies!!

4. We still ain’t done. I get to the counter to check in & ain’t NOBODY at work! I mean it looked like a ghost town! & when the AMERICAN AIRLINE employees at BIRMINGHAM-SHUTTLSWORTH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, did show up, they had the nerve to have nasty attitudes! I’m still trying to figure that one out.. We gone chalk it up to lack of education & home training. Also, I’m sure none of them are familiar with the laws of attraction so keep them in your prayers. One lady really called TSA on this man because he asked her for her first & last name. She was scared to be named in the email I’m sure all of us that were involved are going to write.

5. I get to the gate to learn that my flight is delayed 53 minutes (so basically an hour) & I had connecting flights so I had to basically reschedule my entire trip, which put me back a day. YES PEOPLE, you did the math correctly we are now at a *********** (insert your other fave curse word ) 48 hour delay!

So my theory about all the shiggity you just read is that Mercury being in retrograde (retrograde= moving backwards i.e. not normal orbit) is causing the entire Universe to move slow as hell! Thankfully it’s the last day of this madness, well at least until February. *rolls eyes*

God is clearly trying to show us something because last year so many of the planets were in retrograde causing us to dig below the surface & really reflect on our lives. Although I’m over all this freakin’ reflection, God clearly has other plans & it ain’t a thang we can do about it except tap in & know that his ways are much higher than our own.

I have had multiple situations in my life that have taught me that where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Although it may feel like a delay to me it’s not a delay at all. This day & every day has been divinely ordered by the creator & I just gotta roll with his flow because it’s a lot easier than resisting it.

While I’m in the DR I’ll be blogging at least once a day so y’all can see what I’m up to. I brought my NEW iPad mini (huge shoutout to the parentals  for keeping ya girl fresh & up to date), so things may look a little different while I try to get the hang of blogging from the app (I just love my computer but sometimes it’s just too much to lug around) Nonetheless, I’m “Givin’ it to ya straight, no chaser!”


  • Why y’all let that man shoot up all them people in Florida? Now I gotta stay strapped like Savage Life Ent!

  • Trump is about to be the  president, I told y’all asses to vote for Bernie!
  • It’s snowing in Cali, is the Lord coming back or just what the hell is going on?

Buen viaje,