Oh, American Airlines!

So I know I said I was gonna blog every day while I was in the DR, but clearly I lied. I had the best intentions, I mean I really did, but s*** happens so let’s just catch up shall we!

So I know the last time we talked I was sitting in the airport .38 hot because my flight had been delayed a total of 48 hours! It was good we left off where we did because that day only got progressively worse.

1. While on the flight to Puerto Plata, DR, the city got a heavy rain storm so the AMERICAN AIRLINES pilot couldn’t land the plane. I personally think he was an amateur and wasn’t confident in his flying abilities because I have flown in the middle of a thunderstorm & clearly made it out because I’m here today! Y’all we were literally hovering above the city we were supposed to land in when this young man gets on the intercom & tells us we about to go all the way to Santo Domingo because he couldn’t land.


2. We get to Santo Domingo to refuel the plane & head back to Puerto Plata after the storm passes, right… We start to take off, I mean we are going full speed nose in the air & all when this man slams on the dang brakes almost giving all of us a heart attack. I was sitting in the exit row & I almost pulled down & kicked that door out & slid on out on the lil life raft (y’all know my nerves are bad)!

3. He gets back on the intercom talking about some, “we are experiencing some technical difficulties & had to brake abruptly because some warning lights came on & us braking so fast caused us to blow a tire, everyone has to get off the plane in order for us to service it.” Now I have many problems with this but we’ll just address the main ones..

  • You mean to tell me these warning lights JUST came on when we were going full speed about to take off?
  • Was the plane even safe to begin with if abrupt breaking can blow the tires?
  • Sir, is it the plane or is it just you? Because it seems like you’ve been having problems since you GOT here!

4. Long story short, these hoes could not fix the plane. I asked when the next flight would be leaving & an AMERICAN AIRLINES representative told me that they don’t fly from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata.. Well bish you should because we didn’t tear up the plane & cause ourselves to have heart palpitations, Y’ALL did!! Do you know these AMERICAN AIRLINES employees told us they would pay to have us bussed to Puerto Plata. That is a FOUR HOUR drive!!


5. It took about 2 hours for them to get everybody off the plane, get us our luggage, get us through customs, & get us out of the airport. Y’all I walk outside & I don’t see not nan (that’s not one for my non ebonics speakers) bus! NOT A ONE! By this time I’m ready to start choking people out because what the hell were they doing when we were going through customs & getting our luggage? Clearly playing, but that’s not my ministry nor why I went to the DR!

6. They told us they didn’t know where the busses were or when they would arrive. By this time my subconscious is telling me “it ain’t worth it Ms. Celie, you know you won’t survive jail in the DR.” because I am so mad at this point that I’m sweating! Thankfully me & 3 other people bonded during our 2 hour wait & decided to just pay to take a taxi to Puerto Plata, because it was already 8:00pm at this point & we still had 4 more hours ahead of us! We basically said f*** them & their free because AMERICAN AIRLINES wasn’t on the up & up!


7. When I arrived to Puerto Plata it was 12:30 am & because I got their so late I couldn’t even check into the apartment I was staying in. Thankfully I have contacts there or I guess I would’ve had to sleep in the taxi, thank ya Lawd!

This started out as literally trip from Hell, thanks to AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!

Read about how my trip got much better (no thanks to AMERICAN AIRLINES, but God is able) in my next post!

Buen Viaje,





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