Singing in the Rain!

This was so not a glorious feeling for me because I don’t like to be cold & I went to DR for sunshine & beaches, not rain & to put on a jacket (always take one regardless of where you are traveling too). However, I was on this beautiful island, actually one of my favorites, so I made the best of it!

I realized how beautiful it was to be caught in the middle of a tropical rain storm while riding entirely too fast on the back of a motorcycle. I couldn’t control his speed (I mean I could’ve cut up but that was gonna require me to exert energy I just didn’t have at the moment) & I couldn’t control the weather. Guess what I could control though? MI ACTITUD (my attitude)!!!

S/o to that head wrap for keeping a sistas head dry!

The minute I changed that, was the minute the the water & speed combined created this tingly sensation on my skin (the coldness of the rain + the burn of how hard the water was hitting me because of the speed we were going), it was nothing I had ever experienced before. Also, in that moment I realized that I may never experience anything like it again, only then did I find the beauty in my situation.

See, God, always has a way of working things out! I thought I was going to the DR to visit my goddaughter, go to the beach EVERY DAY & drink margaritas & Brugal (Dominican Rum), but God had other plans for me. Let me show you just how he will shake things up!

  • My goddaughter had death in the family so I didn’t get to see her that much.
  • It rained every day I was there so I only got to go to the beach 2 times for about 2-4 hours each time.
  • I ended up getting sick so for a couple days I was just laying around my apartment or chilling (I mean chilling hard) with friends.

What I thought was going to be pure relaxation & turn up, God turned into reflection & self-care. I went to the DR with a lot unanswered questions & loose ends, & I came back with answers & clarity. Although there are still some questions without answers & some ends that have yet to be tied up, I made some progress (& can we really be disappointed about that? I think not).

How did she get all this from being in the middle of a tropical rainstorm? Well honey, I’m so glad you asked. God is EVERYWHERE & in EVERYTHING! He will speak to you if you will listen. If for some reason you feel connected to the stars, or the water, or animals or just nature in general, stop & reflect on what God might be trying to communicate to you through those things.

The confirmation you’re looking for, the scripture you read this morning, the sermon you heard in church Sunday, could be manifesting in the natural but you have to tap in & listen.

Dominicans are so in tune with nature. They can tell you what the weather is going to do without even checking it because they are tapped in. I think that’s how God wants us all to be. He inspired the men who wrote the scriptures, but He created the Universe by himself, so don’t be surprised if the things you read & study are often confirmed by the things around you.

I ended this day by eating what I call “Domican Comfort Food“, Moro (peas & rice), pollo guisado (stewed chicken) & ensalada verde (salad with fresh onions & tomoatoes dressed with oil, vinegar & salt or oil, vinegar, & lime juice)!

More exciting stuff to come in my next post. We’re talking beach day!!

Buen viaje,



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