Beach Day!

I know I left y’all with a cliff hanger for about a week, but ya girl has been working! I got a job in the Dominican Republic (I start Mar. 1, yaaaaay) & I was invited to a red carpet event for the 9th anniversary of Coalition DJs (footage coming soon if the videographer ever sends it to me)!

But let’s just pick up where we left off, shall we… If we are looking at things chronologically, we are on Day 3 of my last trip to the Dominican Republic (I personally lost track of time while I was there & was just livin’).

The trip may have started off rocky & rainy (see Singing in the Rain! & Oh, American Airlines!), but there is always sunshine after the rain, literally in my case. After all of the delays & issues I had while traveling to the Dominican Republic, the time for fun in the sun finally came! I’m a cancer (a water sign & a moon child), so naturally I ADORE the beach. It’s literally life goals to live on the beach & with that being said you should already know my day at the beach turned my trip around for the better!

My beach day consisted of a beachside birthday lunch for some new friends (shout out to Chelsea & Chung), plenty of margaritas (made with fresh squeezed lime juice), & hanging out & catching up with old friends! Of course, I took a long, nice dip in the ocean & because I didn’t have a towel, I dried myself by walking along the beach & visiting all the seaside stores & talking with friends & friendly strangers.

Camarones (shrimp), Lambí (conch), Langosta (lobster), Platanos Fritos (fried plantains), Vegetales (vegetables)

I walked until I found a shop owned by a friend of mine, Dugue. Dugue’s shop has been poppin since I met him & I was glad to see that he & his business were still doing well. We sat & had drinks & listened to the latest Haitian & Dominican music (I so love their cultures) & really just caught up! He was so excited that I brought Chelsea & Chung to meet him, so he invited some of his friends & it ended up being a cool lil beach party.

Dugue & I!

I went to bed that night totally full of joy! A good beach day will do that to a girl! I mean I ate fresh seafood on the beach, had some of the best margaritas ever, celebrated a birthday, met new friends & caught up with old friends. It’s most definitely safe to say that that beach day made up for the delays, crazy American Airlines, & the rain.

Cool fish I saw at the beach, it took 5 men to carry it!!!

Buen Viaje,