Seasons: Due Time!


The title above is synonymous with the title of the sermon that the speaker taught about on Sunday. It was a powerful & on time word, & I soaked it all in because it was so good, not knowing that the very next day I would have to apply this word to my life.

You see, basically, I lost a job I really wanted before I could even start. I’m serious y’all, I was hired for the position, the job was MINE & in a matter of one day, it was gone. I’m sure most of you are thinking that I’m sad, angry, disappointed, & maybe even a little downtrodden. Maybe to some that would’ve been the appropriate response. However, that isn’t the case for me.


Here I am a day later listening to the mini thunderstorms occurring outside & writing this very post from the comfort of my bed. Not moved, unbothered, & very at peace. Why? Well, I’m so glad you asked.



The company & I couldn’t see eye-to-eye on my relocation requirements for my accommodations (I guess hot, running water, wifi, & air conditioning is asking for too much), & they tried to make me out to be extra or dramatic. That is totally fine with me for many reasons but I’ll just name a few main ones.

  1. I was going to be paying for everything I asked for (hot, running water, wifi, & air conditioning), so what’s the problem?


  1. They tried to make me feel that being different was something negative. One lady told me, “We have never had a program coordinator that requires as much as you do.” I’ve learned in the past “to thine own self be true,” and I will never change who I am or my standards because of what other people do or don’t do.


  1. The job is in the Dominican Republic & I have lived there before so I know I’m not asking for too much, ESPECIALLY IF I’M PAYING FOR IT!!


I could go on & on but I will spare y’all with the irrelevant details & get to the point I really wanna make. Stay true to you at ALL times!! I don’t care how good the opportunity may be, how much money they are offering you, or whatever the case may be. Nothing is worth you compromising your values or beliefs.



NEVER allow anyone to make you feel inferior or out of place for being you. There may be 700 people telling you that you’re wrong or they don’t agree with you, but if you feel right in your heart, that’s the only “right” you need.

In the message that the speaker gave on Sunday, he said, “Adversity WILL come, but you have to know to handle it from a place of victory.” In other words, when one door closes don’t look at the closed door, prime your eyes to look for the door that is about to open in place of the door that closed!!

So I’m sitting here waiting for my next door to open (of course grinding in the meantime between time) because God does not withhold anything good from us, so I know he has something better on the way!!

holy spirit.gif

I know my posts have been about all kinds of stuff lately, & I can’t say it will stop anytime soon. Yes, I like to travel & this will always be a platform for me to share my adventures. I can’t put myself in a mold, though I won’t even try because that’s like torture to a creative soul.

Buen Viaje,