Calamari, Sunsets & Margaritas!

So, I’m sure you all know by now that I LOVE the beach. Although I prefer the beaches overseas much more than I do the beaches here in the states, I’m always grateful for opportunities to sink my toes in the sand & soak up the sun, regardless of what country I’m in. This past week, Destin, Florida was the destination of choice & I give their beach about a 5 out of 10 on a scale of all the beaches I’ve been to in my life. However, the beach is the beach & I take what I can get.

Now, you may be asking why I gave this beach such a low rating. Well, in my opinion, beach ratings are very personal. What I think is a 5 may be a 10 to you & vice-versa, but for the following reasons, I give the beach in Destin a 5 out of 10:

  1. It was in America. & as stated before I am a fan of being overseas & the beaches there, especially in the Caribbean.


  1. You can’t see through the water. It isn’t crystal clear at all. & I like to see what sea life is approaching me BEFORE it gets to me, not when it’s right up on me.


3.There weren’t really any nice lounge chairs or cabanas. There were only basic beach chairs that cost around $40 to rent for half a day (which is ridiculous, in my opinion).


DISCLAIMER: I have not been to every part of the beach in Destin, FL, maybe you can find some beach lounge chairs & cabanas on other parts of the beach. However, I’m sure the water & the sand don’t change as you move a few miles (I’m not a marine biologist, though, so I could be wrong)!!

Now that we’ve talked about the cons let’s talk about the pros. I really liked the beaches in Destin for many reasons, but #1 would have to be because IT’S THE BEACH, DUH!


  1. The weather was nice & balmy -very windy at times but because of all the sunshine it was the perfect temp.


  1. Speaking of sunshine, the sunsets were beautiful! We stayed at the beach until sundown every day!


  1. It is home to this really chill & laid back restaurant, Surf Hut. Serving up some of the best calamari & margaritas that your taste buds will encounter! I’m not kidding y’all, their calamari comes with parmesan cheese (shredded) & banana peppers & is served with this rich & hearty marinara sauce. You just can’t beat it!


  1. MARGARITAS!! Did I say margaritas? I had to give my favorite drink it’s own number because well, it’s my favorite drink of course, & the people at surf hut are shakin’ em up just right. Now I’m an “on the rocks with a salt rim” type of girl, but they also serve them frozen! Although all the bartenders are good, Mike was my favorite. He knew how to mix em just right & never gave me the “judge-y” eye for being at the bar at 11 am (right when they opened)!

We literally ate at Surf Hut every day & night except for one night (we were there 3 days)! We never grew tired of it because they have such a big selection. During my stay in Destin, I tried the Mahi Mahi, the shrimp, the calamari (of course, I’m a calamari connoisseur), & a really fresh salad. My mom is a really tough food critic & she loved it, so if she loved it I know you guys will!

The night we didn’t eat at Surf Hut, we ate at Pompano Joe’s, which was just as delicious as Surf Hut, but it made its own arena by offering a more island flare (which I love). I was literally sold when I saw they had black beans & rice on their menu (I could eat beans & rice every day). I had the blackened, red snapper, which was PHENOMENAL! It was seasoned to the T & cooked to perfection, it was topped with lump crab meat. In addition to the beans & rice, it was also accompanied by a variety of veggies.

Red Snapper

If you are ever in the Destin area I strongly advise you to try both Surf Hut & Pompano Joe’s & if you can help it, don’t be like me & eat at the same restaurant almost every day. Go out & try new things – if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have ever discovered Pompano Joe’s!

Make sure you stay tuned to the blog, I’ve got something really juicy cooking up for St. Patty’s Day!

Buen Viaje,