Adventure Time ATL!

I would like to consider myself a well-traveled & well-rounded individual & I can promise you that Adventure Time ATL (ATA) took me to the next level! Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t even know that you should know something? Maybe it’s just me (it’s a very realistic possibility), but I have a strong feeling that some of y’all out there share this same sentiment.

First, let me introduce to y’all what Adventure Time ATL is. I personally think that the best word to describe it is “experience”. You have to experience it to fathom it; it’s an experience that you will never forget & a memory that you will always want to revisit, & the individuals that put it together (The Good Juice Family) are experienced! Each room of the venue had it’s on theme & they all really were little adventures.

Adventure Time ATL is an immersive, one-day music festival that literally stimulates all 5 senses & the third eye (if you’re tapped into it)! Filled with visual art, amazing food, drinks (yes, adult ones), 2 sound stages, a glow party, & vendors selling all kinda cool stuff, you don’t have to worry about leaving unfulfilled. ATA is something that you have to see for yourself & luckily it’s an annual event. This year was only the 2nd one & I have no idea how they are going to make it any better next year (y’all it was THAT lit), but I definitely have the faith that they will!

Music: Since Adventure Time ATL is a music festival, I think it’s only appropriate that I start here. There were 2 stages at Adventure Time & both stages were home to performances of all kinds, all night long. They brought artists out with a variety of styles and genres, & I heard everything from Trap Rap to Neo Soul, there was even a guy there that virtually produced a beat right before my eyes. The crazy part about this event is that there were no headliners & there were over 1000 people there. That alone speaks for itself in my opinion! If you love music, you will love Adventure Time ATL. Period. Nai Br.xx & Abstract Media were some of my favorite artists of the night!

Art: The Good Juice Family, really exceeded my expectations with the quality of visual art they had at ATA. All mediums were thoroughly represented from paint on canvas to photography & the artists were there to tell you all about their works & I’m almost positive that they had some pieces for sale as well. I love that there were 2 rooms dedicated to the visual art, it allowed me to go through & look at the pieces without feeling rushed & because the art was away from the sound stage it allowed me to easily speak to the artists. I would say that my favorite artist of the night was Mugen Atisuto.

Mugen Atisuto

Food: Y’all know this is my favorite part of any event (I’m really supposed to be fat)! I think that food says a lot about an event, & they definitely came through with some very tasty treats at Adventure Time ATL! Some of the culinary geniuses that came out to ATA were Grilled Cheese Papi, 95th Street Tacos, & The Young Juice God. They even had funnel cakes outside!! Grilled Cheese Papi is not just his name, he was serving up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches & he even made bacon pancakes in honor of Jake’s Bacon Pancake Song! 95th Street Tacos brought the west coast to Atlanta with their LA style tacos & kept it real funky with chili cheese fries. The Young Juice God was my favorite vendor in the culinary arena with his original juices, hence his name. He had a variety of juices all special in their own way, all with a lil’ floral kick to them, & they all came with the option to be turned into an adult beverage by selecting the spirit of your choice!

Young Juice God

Vendors: In addition to the food, music, & art, Adventure Time, had plenty of vendors to keep you in style. There was literally something for everyone. Some of my favorite brands of the night were CHKS & DREAMz, both of these brands have some cute stuff out for the summer so be sure to check them out! I also met these girls that sell handmade beanies that are super dope, so dope that I actually bought one & ended up leaving it there *rolls eyes*.


Glow Party: As if Adventure Time didn’t have enough stuff going on they even had a glow party going on in the basement with complimentary glow sticks! They did not come to play at all, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I really thought that I was at a Project X, party. It was pitch black dark, with the exception of the glow sticks & the bar light. The floor was covered with balloons that were soon being tossed in the air at random. The glow party might have been my favorite part of the night, but it’s honestly really hard to choose!

Glow party


Vibes: The vibrations & energy were so high at this event that you could literally feel it all over you. To be surrounded by so many cool & like-minded individuals was such a blessing. There was nothing but love & positivity circulating throughout the entire venue & it was like a natural high. I truly feel like everyone brought their best selves to Adventure Time ATL & what more could you really ask for?

If you missed Adventure Time ATL, you really missed out. I mean REALLY missed out, it’s okay though, just don’t make the same mistake twice! Like I stated before this is an annual event so luckily for the ones that missed it, it will happen again next year! This is something that you have to experience before you die & I promise I’m not just saying that. I have been to a lot of events & partied all over the world & I was impressed by Adventure Time ATL! Sean Taylor & The Good Juice Family (the creator & the supporters of ATA) are so creative & you can tell that they put a lot of thought, energy & effort into this event. They even had a Finn’s Sword Giveaway!

So whether you like funnel cakes or grilled cheese, art or music, socks or beanies, I PROMISE you that Adventure Time ATL has something to tickle your fancy! I tried a juice infused with lavender & chamomile, I was caught in the middle of a mini mosh pit, & I met so many cool people & I experienced some things that I would have never experienced if it wasn’t for this event & for that I am forever grateful. Next year you HAVE to get to Adventure Time ATL, it’s def an adventure worth having!!