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Y’all know I’m all about giving credit where it’s due, so I have to tell y’all about this awesome duo. So I’m in Atlanta at my friend’s mixtape release party, literally in my own world until these two came on stage. As soon as they started performing they literally commanded the attention of everyone in the room & I immediately loved their music. Now y’all know EVERYBODY in Atlanta thinks they’re a rapper, but not many have the talent to back it up, however, this is not the case for them. They go by the name of Milly Gang & they have only been a group for 2 years, they are both only 19 years old & already they are making a name for themselves in Atlanta. De’rell is from St. Louis, Missouri & Flock is from Chicago, Illinois and they literally make magic together. I mean how many 19-year-olds do you know that go to school full time, have successful music careers, & a successful clothing line? I can speak from personal experience that with the exception of Milly Gang, I don’t know any at all.

When it comes to music Milly Gang is most definitely creating their own lane. They are a very dynamic duo, alike in many ways but also very different and I think this is what helps create their sound. De’rell uses a lot of St. Louis lingo & likes to change up his flow & Flock is a storyteller that likes to talk about past events such as his transition from the struggle to college. Both artists like to tell you about themselves & who they are in their music & they both share the vision to motivate young kids or “shorties”, as Flock calls them, through their music.

Milly Gang Rapper Pose

A “normal” week for Milly Gang consists of:

  • “No going out, we’d rather go to the studio.”- Flock
  •    “Females coming through.”- De’rell
  • “Playing video games.”- Flock
  • “Chillin’ with Nuski & Rob, no new people inside the gang.”- De’rell & Flock
  • “Kickin’ it on campus”- De’rell

Some of their favorite memories include “going to Waffle House late night, hanging with females, mysteriously sneaking people in their dorm room, & getting drunk for homecoming”, said Milly Gang.

I can most definitely understand why they want to chill & enjoy good company on their down time. De’rell is the CEO of Foreign Appetite Clothing & his brand is so dope, he explained to me that the name for his clothing line “is a metaphor for foreign taste, everybody wants to be foreign, drive foreign whips, but everybody is foreign because foreign just means something different, so if I’m in London I’m foreign.” The clothing line was started 2 years ago by their friend India & 6 months after she started it she asked them to work with her & they’ve been grinding ever since. Flock is an aspiring actor & radio host in addition to making music. They are not concerned with the rumors & the naysayers because they are confident in the fact that they are producing quality content.

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“Eventually, people will start to support you, even if they really don’t they will support you because their friends do.”- De’Rell


Although they perform as a group, both Flock & De’rell work separately as well. They both have EPs dropping soon, they didn’t give me any names or exact dates but after hanging out with these guys for a couple hours I feel confident that they will deliver.

Even if you don’t like Milly Gang you have to respect them. They literally walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. They are so humble & respectful, & they really just do them. They are not concerned with what others are doing, only with Milly Gang & how they can expand their brand & make themselves better! I think we can all take a lesson from that!


“I don’t really care about the people that don’t take me serious, all I can do is laugh at ’em.”-Flock


Flock 1

Milly Gang has a bright future ahead of them they are relatable, positive, sweet & talented. They accomplish extraordinary things but they are so down-to-earth. They get nervous at shows, Flock wants to move to California & live a chill life, De’rell wants to take care of all his momma’s bills & they just want to spread positivity & their message around the world. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

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Instagram: @iamderell

Twitter: @iamderell

SoundCloud: IAmDerell

Snapchat: IAmDerell

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Instagram: @chiraqflock

Twitter: @chiraqflock

SoundCloud: ChiraqFlock773

Snapchat: AlmightyFlockaa

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If anyone would like to get in contact with Milly Gang you can contact their manager, Chop, at (414)-308-8608!

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