I know it’s been awhile, (too long of awhile in my opinion) but I’m back & I’m better. I promise y’all, I thought I was gonna be back sooner but moving & starting a new job is exhausting & I just needed a moment.

So even though it’s my birthday, (well it was 07/01, I celebrate it the whole month) I’m gonna give you guys a gift. I know right? I’m so sweet!

birthday cake

Usually, when you have a birthday, people ask: “How do you feel?”, up until last year, I always felt the same. However, 22 & 23 definitely feel different from all the past years and different from each other.

With that being said I wanna share with you guys some things that have really made  22 & this transition to 23, a lot smoother. Of course, some of these are simple, but I truly believe that as we journey through life we find deeper meaning in the most simple lessons.

be yourself

1. BE YOURSELF! So cliche, I know. However, not cliche enough because it’s still people out here searching for their identity & that makes being yourself pretty difficult. I mean how are you gonna be somebody you don’t know?! I promise you that you are enough, & you definitely owe it to yourself to get to know you. With that being said, if people can’t accept you for you & I mean ALL of you,  (blank) them! Life is hard enough without adopting other people’s negativity into your life. You don’t have to please nobody but God, & whoever don’t like it can honestly get gone. That simple.

be your best self!

2. Be your BEST self. Yes! I want you to be unapologetically “you”, however, none of us are perfect so we should constantly be doing things to improve our weak areas. Self-reflection & evaluation can be hard at times & a little depressing, but it’s necessary & ain’t nothing to it but to do it! You HAVE to pour into yourself & into the entire universe what you want to get out of it. For example, to prevent yourself from unconsciously putting funky energy into the atmosphere you should do constant self-checks to make sure you aren’t funky! Only you know when you are living up to your full potential, so when you’re not reaching your full potential you’re only playing yourself.

rugratsfight 1

3. What’s for you is for you. Y’all this is still something that I struggle with, but it helps me to be at peace with SO many circumstances. I promise y’all, whether it’s a job, an apartment, a dog, a boyfriend, or even the last empanada de jamón y queso. If it’s FOR you can’t NOBODY take it FROM you. I have really been working with me on detachment, I mean truly letting go of things & realizing that nothing is truly ours. EVERYTHING is a gift from Jehovah. If God entrusts something or someone to you for a lifetime, how beautiful! However, we have to have that same attitude when something or someone we love is taken away from us prematurely, whether it be in the form of a relationship gone bad, loss of a loved one, or maybe we just simply didn’t get what we wanted. Your attitude cannot shift with your circumstances. You WILL go crazy. It can be very hard to accept some of the things you want just aren’t for you. I say this from experience, but the sooner you accept it the smoother the transition.

hugging gif

4. Walk in love ALL THE TIME! I promise you will never regret it. I’m working so hard on this one y’all; because as my mom says, I’m a ” straight razor”, meaning I saying it like it is. Which is okay, but it’s HOW I say things, that I have to work on. It’s becoming easier & easier the more I practice this “love walk”, but trust me, I still hit bumps along the way. One thing that’s really helped me is realizing we are only responsible for OUR OWN actions, what other people do (even to you) is their business, not yours. Karma is SO real & the laws of attraction say you reap what you sow. So don’t worry about them, I promise it’s already being handled. Our responsibility is to love, regardless of the circumstance. Now I’m not saying let people walk all over you, ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can most definitely love people from a distance, don’t ever mind setting boundaries because people don’t mind crossing them.


mind power

5. Your mind is so powerful! You can literally speak things into existence, our thoughts & our words shape our reality. It is SO important to be mindful of what you take in because it has a lot to do with what you put out & vice versa. There goes that law of attraction again! If you want a happy life: think happy thoughts, speak words of life, surround yourself with a happy tribe, treat people right & refuse to tolerate negativity. Imagine yourself in an impenetrable bubble of joy & live there forever.

I hope these tips help you guys as much as they have helped me & are currently helping me. We will never be perfect but the least we can do is try & love ourselves & God wholeheartedly in the process!

I hope everybody enjoyed the 4th of July, you’ll be hearing more from me VERY soon.

Buen Viaje,