Joyner Lucas

It’s been a whole lotta waves in 2017, but Joyner Lucas is one that you most definitely have to ride. I was hooked after “Winter Blues,” the beat is slappin’ (and honestly makes you want to hotbox) the producer went in and then had the nerve to give me some horns at the end! Same goes for “Ultrasound,” the beat is unique, and you can’t help but nod your head (I personally had to fight the urge to just fully turn up). Then in comes Joyner Lucas on top of both the beats SPITTING FIRE. One minute he is spittin a smooth melody, and the next minute you feel like you’re being sprayed by a lyrical AK-47, his mouth is the gun and his words being the bullets. Not only are his bars hot but they also have meaning, which was the icing on the cake for me. And I mustn’t overlook how this project is entitled with a phone number, and he uses voicemail clips throughout—def a nice touch. It’s a yes for me, dawg! BlackGalAbroad is most definitely #TeamJoynerLucas!

SN: The video for “Ultrasound” is a must watch, the female lead is my spirit animal!