Bonbini na Aruba

So I said that I was gonna do a mini blog post every day while I’m here in Aruba. We got here yesterday at around 3 pm, so clearly I’m already behind. However, I promise to do better.

Y’all know I LOVE the Caribbean, so Aruba already feels like home (it’s making me miss the Dominican Republic), it’s so beautiful here & it is SO rich in culture.

balashi aruba

They have 2 national languages Dutch and Papiamento (it’s in the Portuguese Creole family) & 3 other spoken languages: Spanish (ya girl is turnt about that), English (another win for me) & French (which I’m currently learning). I LOVE languages, so I’m in love with the fact that I’m immersing myself in 4 world languages at once.

Aruba is one of the only, if not the only, country in the Caribbean that has a semi-desert climate. So when we were driving from the airport to our condo, we saw an Aloe Vera farm & lots of other cacti.

Rum punch

As far as activities, I spent my entire night drinking Rum Punch on the beach & finished up with Margaritas & Balashi, Aruban beer.

I said I was gonna  keep these posts short & sweet, so that’s all for now. But I promise to keep y’all updated about my Aruban Adventures!

Buen Viaje,