About BlackGalAbroad

BlackGalAbroad is a transparent & informal blog that started about travel, but quickly transformed into a platform to talk about all things that inspire me. You WILL see ebonics… at times it may not be politically correct, but it is, & always will be real. Like you saw when you first got here, I’m “givin’ it to ya straight, NO chaser.” I am direct because honestly, I don’t know another way to be, & in the land of “sugarcoating” & “beating around the bush”, I think we could all use a nice dose of real from time to time. That’s why I’m here. If you read this blog, you should consider yourself family, because that’s how I’m gonna talk to you.

I believe that travel should be a mutualistic relationship between the traveler & the destination, the traveler should take a part of the destination with them when they leave, but they should also leave a piece of themselves behind (I also apply this philosophy to every day life). When traveling, I prefer to immerse in different cultures (OFF THE RESORT) for extended periods of time in order to educate myself, but also to assess & serve the needs of the communities I am privileged to visit. Although travel is my primary passion, you will see that I am inspired & write about many other topics from sports to music. Especially topics that directly impact me or my culture. I strongly believe in the power of feminism & black girl magic, but also in the arts & being well-rounded. You never know what you might see on BGA, because sometimes, honestly, I surprise myself. I invite you to read, reach out, but most importantly open your mind & learn something new.